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Domain Name Change

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More info needed....but I'm going to guess anyway.



You already have a hosting package here using the OLD domain name.

You want your hosting account to reflect the NEW domain name.

You want your OLD name to still redirect to the same existing site.


All true?


To change the domain name associated iwth your TCH hosting account, please drop in a help desk ticket with the info.

Next step is set the NS entries for the new name to the same ones given to you in your welcome email when you signed up for hosting.


To get your old domain name to forward, there are a number of options depending on your old domain name's registrar. You can change the NS to your registrar's entries and then use their forwarding to the new domain name ...all that assumes that your registrar offers those services.


Get me some more info and I can help better. Thanks!



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More info? you seem to know what I want better than I :D

anyway, I will try, thanks for the quick response!


I have a long domain name 'www.telecommsoftware.com'

and I just reserved the domain 'www.tscwebdesign.com' (Like it better?)


So I will need to change everything over to it. I guess my old domain can URL forward, if that is the best option there, I think it is Ok, and I am sure they offer that (most do!)


Any gotcha's that you can think of? Will my id and passwd remain the same?


On a further point, what aboput Email forwarding from the old domain? If my registrar does not offer it, can I move that to someone who does?


Thanks ,


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I like the old name better. I can remember telecommsoftware.com. Without knowing what the initials stand for, I'd never remember tscwebdesign.com.


And if they're your initials (is your name Thomas Samuel Cohen), then I'd vote for just using first and last initials--nobody is going to remember your middle initial anyway.


Just my 2 cents worth!


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