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Great Hosting, Great Support


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I've only been with TCH for a few days, but I'm already impressed by the services.


This is my first domain, and originally it was hosted with PinchPenny. Things were good, for a while. The support was great, the hosting was reliable. Then, things started to go downhill. Support requests started taking days to get responded to (if you got a response at all), and there was sportatic downtime.


Following a server crash in which some users lost all of their files, and PP lost its customer database, I decided I needed to move, so I tried Host Affection. Following a very screwy website transfer, none of my php pages would work, none of my scripts would work, and I couldn't get any answers. My cpanel name was different, resulting in me having to edit all the paths in all of my files, and having to change the database names. Even after a week of "fixing" my site, nothing worked, and I was getting 500 server errors everywhere. The support didn't seem very sincere, even if they were responsive. Nothing was done to help me. So, I moved back to PP, where I stayed for another couple months.


After the server crash, PP transferred to a new owner, and things were once again great. Then, there were issues. The new servers were having problems with propogation. Sites on them were constantly down. The support, although very strong at first, gradually dropped. Then, the horror stories began. Problems with the server techs, problems with unsatisfied customers. The forums were removed after a hacker did a mass email from the admin account. After reading a few posts on PP issues on various boards, I was scared. My website means the world to me, and I plan to have it up 3, 4, or 5 years from now, keeping my friends updated on my life. My email address is used for correspondence from my University. I needed something I was absolutely sure I could count on.


After extensive researching (so I wouldn't go through the same thing as with Host Affection), I discovered one post on Total Choice Hosting. That one post led to hundreds more, about 99% of which were positive. I checked the site and couldn't believe the prices. I checked various other websites and couldn't believe that there could be so many satisfied customers from a webhosting company. I sent in a few questions, and they were answered almost immediately. So, I took the plunge and signed up, then requested a transfer.


The entire process took less than a day. At around 10 AM, I signed up for hosting. By noon, my account was ready. I requested a complete website transfer early in the afternoon, then left with some friends. When I got home, the website was transferred. I changed my nameservers, and everything repropogated within an hour. By 5 PM that day, I was looking at my website on a new server. It was fast. It was up. I was paying less. And, most importantly, everything worked perfectly.


I'm very impressed with Total Choice Hosting. The boards are busy, contain a wealth of information, and have staff members actually checking constantly, keeping everyone up to date and answering questions. The helpdesk has an amazing response time. The hosting itself is quick, very cheap, and reliable (from what I've seen so far). I've already recommended you to some of my friends, and they're considering you when their hosting term with their current host is up.


Great job, TCH! I hope to be hosted with you for years to come.

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