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Transferring Stats From One Site To Another

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A client that I designed a site for has changed the name of her business, domain name etc and the "new" rebranded version of her site has been set up as a separate account.


She's been using AWStats and wants to know if we can transfer the old stats over to her new site.


Is this possible?


Any pointers on how to do this would be much appreciated :lol:





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Ali, I don't know if this works, it's just a thought that you can try if you want to but I don't guarantee it.

AWStats stores the stats files under "/tmp/awstats". You can try to copy those files to the new site, into a directory with the same name. But since the filenames include the domain name, you'll probably have to rename them to include the new domain.

Afterwards, just cross your fingers and wait untill the next update... :lol:

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Yup, it works, I've done it alot when moving my sites from previous hosts etc.


Just copy all of the files in /tmp/awstats to your hard drive.


There will be one file called "awstats.yourdomainname.com.conf" and stats files for each month called "awstatsMMYYYY.******.txt" with MM the month and YYYY the year.


Just rename all the files changing the old domain to the new domain.


In the conf file change the SiteDomain variable to your new domain and do a find and replace to chance all the instances of the old account username to the new account username.


Then upload all the files to the new domains tmp/awstats folder and bingo, you should have your stats transferred.


Its worked perfectly for me several times, let me know if you have any problems.



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