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Question On Moving A Database


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is it possible to move a mysql database intact?

or am I going to have to reinstall and reset up everything?


Or if I have to reset things up is it possible to move the "tables" ?

I have a back up of the database from my previous server can I use the back up?


I am not looking forward to redoing my almost 1000 tables

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If you have some method of dumping the database - either phpmyadmin, command line or some other system, then you can just import it here using phpmyadmin. If it is very large you could also ftp the export file to your server then submit a ticket and ask them to import it locally so that there are no timeouts. If you do that you'd need to include the name of the file, the directory, and the name of the database to be imported to - and have setup the database here (via cpanel).


I've done this a few times successfully, although I did my own imports as my databases were all under 6meg.


does that help?

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If your other host has cpanel, you may be able to move your entire site here with a help ticket. this will include files, databases and e-mail.


How did you make the database backup

phpMyadmin or cpanel>backup ?


If cpanel > backup, you can upload the same way.

If phpMyadmin export, you can create the database

in MySql and import the back up in phpMyadmin, located at the bottom of the MySql page in cpanel.

click on data base > SQL > browse to file below the

Or Location of the textfile : text.

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ok thanks, my hubbie asked my why I didn't just go thru the phpmyadmin and get the database stucture.......I was like duh....... so going to try that..........and if that doesn't work will try the help ticket thingie.


Thanks for the ideas I guess trying to work on this til 3 am has really frazzled my brain..



Hopefully I can change the "name and users" for the database.......

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yep yep *dances* got it to work.......wwwwwhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeee 4 weeks of frustration will finally come to an end I do hope.


I was able to use my site backup from the other cpanel uploaded it to the TCH server and then moved the folder I wanted to the public_html . Now I can just get the stuff I want off the old back up and then get rid of the old back up.


Thank you so much for the help at my dark hour of almost a nervous breakdown when I thought of all the folders I was going to have to redo....(almost 1000 give or take a few)..

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