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Catch All Tests


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Lately I've gotten a few e-mails that can only be described as catch all tests. Such as one that's like this:




I've failed all the addresses I'm getting repeated spam to, so this may be for a reason.


I just can't figure out exactly why.


Are they going to invent an address and then start spamming to it? Or will they ignore the domain?

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I get tons of emails to addresses that have never existed. The spammers are either trying to get through on catch-all domain setups or they are hoping there really is a touhrck@****

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I received two more today. One with the same address, except different length of repetitions, and the other with repeating xz instead.


No ads so far, only random strings of characters.


I may have to start thinking about blackholing/failing all addresses I haven't set up POP3 or forwarders for.

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