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Subdomain Oddness

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I read through the tutorial, and I'm pretty sure that I followed the steps, but I'm having some problems setting up http://webreports.isaacschlueter.com.


I created a folder at [root]/public_html/webreports

Then, set up the domain in CPanel's "Manage Subdomains" section.

I even created a new ftp user, and verified that he could only gain access to that folder.

I uploaded a file called "test.html" to [root]/public_html/webreports


When I go to http://webreports.isaacschlueter.com, I see the directory index, and my "test.html" is showing there. But, if I click on the link to the file, I get:

Bad Request

Your browser sent a request that this server could not understand.


Invalid URI in request GET /test.html HTTP/1.1

If I go to http://isaacschlueter.com/webreports/test.html then I see

this is a test.
which is correct.


Any ideas?

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Aha. Mod_rewrite strikes again. They call it the swiss army knife of URL manipulation, but it seems more like a blowtorch sometimes.


I'm using mod_rewrite to create cleaner URLs on http://isaacschlueter.com. Well, the settings in the public_html folder are propogating to the webreports subfolder, and making problems. I'll have to review the documentation on that stuff to have the same functionality in the subdomain. I think that I can get around it by declaring a RewriteBase in the .htaccess file in the subfolder. For now, I put this in my public_html/webreports/.htaccess file and it fixed it:

RewriteEngine Off
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