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Cloaking Url

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Gidday all, I have my url www.to-to-to.net that I got thru GoDaddy and directed to my TCH account. When users etc go deep into my site the url gets ugly.


I think I want to keep the shown url as just my domain name. Where can I do this, the TCH end or GoDaddy end? Something in my CP?


Any help would be appreciated.


Wayne Rock Sign

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Looks to me as you have created a new folder under public_html named "phpwebsite". Im not sure, but would it help if you skipped that folder and put all directly under public...?

Especially index and then told godaddy you want to-to... to point to index...

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if all you want to do is keep the URL in the browser "location" as your domain, then have your index.htm(l)/default.htm(l) a frameset and have the frameset load the main page. No reason to have multiple frames in a frame set :P

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