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  1. Bill thanks! Darla thank you too. I did what you suggested and it helped. I also dropped a plugin from wordpress that recored my stats--and that I believe was part of the problem. Thanks again!
  2. Hi! I am not sure where to put this. I have not been able to get in touch with anyone from the tech service via the online help. My sites are loading too slow. I noticed that I am on Server 88. Not sure if that is the problem or what. Can somebody help me? http://thehillchronicles.com Thanks! Layla
  3. Layla


    Well, that seemed to make a BIG difference. Thank you again!
  4. Layla


    Thanks Bruce. I will correct that right now! And thanks for doing the validator for me. I appreciate the help!!!
  5. Layla


    Hi Andy! Wow talk about a timely response. I appreciate that. But I should of known better than to post this question here, I actually seem to have resolved the issue. Seems my posts were too long. But if you are interested - you are welcome to view my site - an issue I am not sure how to resolve, and this one is for sure..lol, is why my windows media player squigles on the website when scrolling down the page. http://www.thehillchronicles.com Thanks alot. Anyhow, maybe something is wrong with my scripting and that is why I had the problem. I should probably go to w3 validation to
  6. Layla


    Hi! I am not sure this is the correct place for this or if anyone could help me with this. I apologize if it is in the wrong category. Anyhow, my Wordpress blog is nutz today. I cannot figure out why all my posts are not showing up on the main index page. I went to their forums, which are usually worthless for troubleshooting, ad least in my experience. I most of the time google stuff and figure it out myself, but today I really am stumped and would appreciate any input and or suggestions anyone could offer. I did read that that happens sometimes if the posts are too long so I
  7. Wow! Thank you all for such a warm welcome! I am looking forward to being around here and getting to know you all!
  8. Thank you! That is really kool!
  9. I would like to thank TotalChoice Hosting for the great services they provide. I would also like to thank Dick for expediting my account to get me up and going online. I am impressed with the services, the cpanel, the quick upload time and the lack of down time. Everyone I have dealt with here at TotalChoice has been so warm and friendly. They are truly willing to help and very courteous and kind. I am so happy that I chose TotalChoice. There are a lot of hosts out there, and I was only on one prior to this one based in the UK that was great, but they dropped hosting to do only s
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