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  1. The docs say that a score of 5 is the default for tagging messages as spam, and the SpamAssassin config shows that 5 is the current value. However, I'm getting scores less than 5 (4.x) being flagged. Is there something else that may be misconfigured? Thanks, Stan
  2. That is good to hear. Tech support told me that I had to move to 5.3 and that there were no other options. Upon further investiagion, I discovered that the .htaccess file had been cleared without my knowledge, and when I added the 5.2 line back in, the site worked again. I'm not sure how you decided that the site had no problems, since the home page wouldn't even load for a week. I'm also unclear as to why a significant change like that was not posted on the server status forum (or better yet, an email), since I can't imagine that people would appreciate being arbitrarily moved from 5.2 to 5.3 without notice. I got blasted by tech support for not following the forums, but frankly, I have better ways to spend my time than a daily reading of many different forums to find out if you've broken one of my websites or not, especially since it turns out that it wouldn't have told me anything anyway. I do appreciate the quick follow up (within an hour of my original post). As you can see by the time of this reply, I do not haunt the forums.
  3. I don't understand the TCH announcement and support position. The beginning of this post, May 5 2011, describes "full retention of 5.2 support", and how users can switch back and forth. There was no further announcement. Then people started posting how 5.2 was broken. Then Alex posted on May 9th that PHP 5.2 is end of life on 12/31/2012. The next post was from Dick on the same day, who said "I assure you when the time comes that we choose to no longer support dual versions on any of our servers, and it will, we will make a full announcement." Less than three weeks later my web site is down. Where was this "announcement" that we would have seen had we been looking or subscribed? Where should we have looked? Clearly not "Latest Hosting News"! Maybe "Support Announcements"? No, it has less information than this thread. "Server Forum"? The last post for Alderaan is from May of 2011, announcing the dual 5.2/5.3 upgrade, and nothing since. Search for "PHP" across all forums? 0 hits. Everything tells me that I have no immediate need to be working on a migration. And when I asked a support tech during an online chat how I was supposed to know this was happening, I was told to "read the forums" and then she hung up on me. I am very disappointed in TCH.
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