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  1. Yeah, but what do I do after it's installed? I one-click-installed phpMail, then spent days figuring it out and polishing / perfecting my installation. I used it three or four times before I discovered its shortcomings. I'll probably never use it again, though it remains installed and highly polished. It was fun climbing the learning curve, but it was hugely cost-ineffective. These CMS's seem a LOT more complicated than a simple mailing list program, and I need RESULTS, not the fun of climbing the learning curve.
  2. It's a web site for a membership organization. We have a site at http://amr1.org, but there's stuff on there that we want to make available to "members only." We DO have an online forum, and we know that forums can be made "private," but at the moment we don't have the critical mass of computer-literate members to make the forum very meaningful. Our "members only" site or area would be mostly for one-way communication to members, including "members only" files to download. I maintain our web site using a very old WYSIWYG program called Cute Site Builder. It serves me well and I'm a p
  3. I need to set up a web site that requires a username and password to access. It doesn't need to be secure in a financial way, just accessible by people who have joined up. It needs to be invisible to Google and other searches. This HAS to be easy and/or widely available, but I don't know where to start looking.
  4. I've just registered the new domain through TCH, but I don't have a clue about the other stuff you mentioned. I'm a technical person, but I deal with this stuff only once every couple of years. 1) How do I "point it to the same nameservers as the old one?" 2) What is "parked?" 3) I can probably figure out how to submit a ticket. I think I've done it before.
  5. I have a web site hosted by TCH. It's not very big, but it has some stuff on it like a PHPMail system. For various reasons, I want to change the domain to something new. Is this something as simple as flipping a switch somewhere, or does it take massive movements of files, or what?
  6. Thanks, guys! I was hoping there was a somewhat faster way, but given the price and service at TCH, I'm not complaining. I looked into DADA mail, but chose PHPList for reasons I don't really remember. Changing horses at this point looks like it might be far too complicated. Is there some sort of E-Z conversion method?
  7. I hope this is the right place to post this. I've been using PHPList for quite a while, but I don't use it too often. A couple of months ago, I sent an email to a 600+ member list, and TCH objected due to too many emails being sent too quickly. Somebody at TCH was kind enough to change my PHPList settings to put it into "batch mode." That's nice but today I just sent something to that 600+ list, and the "batch mode" restricted them to being sent at a rate of one email every X seconds. That seems awfully slow, and it took several hours to send my emails. Is there a way to set the
  8. I've used FreeFind on my site for about three years, and it's been a great solution for us. People can search easily, and I get weekly and monthly reports of the number of searches, popular search terms, etc. We don't get many searches, so the ads are not a problem. They aren't very obtrusive, anyway. Check it out HERE. (Try searching for my name, Sander, or Guantanamo) Here's a typical weekly search report: Daily Search Activity --------------------- From: Sun Feb 18 00:00:00 PST 2007 To: Sun Feb 25 00:00:00 PST 2007 Day Date Queries -
  9. This is a truly outstanding script, once you get it figured out. It is basically a one-way mailing list program, with abundant features for sending emails, subscribing, unsubscribing, etc. I looked for something like this for six months, but nothing came along. Somebody suggested I try phplist, but I was reluctant to climb a learning curve. But I was desperate for an email list program, so I went ahead. I used Fantastico to install phplist, then spent several days learning how to get it to work properly, tweaking it to my needs, etc. It's now up and running with a base of about 80 liv
  10. That's like tellin' a recovering alcoholic to just go down to his local bar and enjoy the taste of a New Miller Genuine Draft. (He'd do it, and so will I, but the consequences might be grim.) ;-) I'm REALLY trying to avoid learning too much new computer stuff.
  11. I know about Fantastico, but I never used it. As I look around, I keep seeing stuff about phpmail that says it's a nice thing, but maybe a nightmare to get started with. The forum looks good, but doesn't calm my fears about biting off more than I want to chew. I'm tryin' to find somebody who's familiar with phpmail, and willing to help if the nightmare scenario is true.
  12. We will accept free help, but we don't mind paying.
  13. I've looked high and low for something that will handle my mailing list needs, and phpmail seems to be it. Unfortunately, I just don't have the time to climb the learning curve for installing it and getting it going (various forums suggest that this learning curve may be a big one). Phpmail's sponsors in the UK will install it for a fee. I'm willing to pay a fee, but I'd rather deal with somebody in the U.S., and somebody familiar with TCH, if possible. Can anybody over here help me out?
  14. It's working fine now. The final problem had to do with cookies, and a guy on the phpbb forum gave me the fix. Thanks a million for your help, fellows. What on EARTH would we do without forums??? Now one final thing... I'm trying to get this forum, the TCH one, to automatically log me in when I come here. So far it's not doing it. I've got a check in the box that seems to be the place to set it. Any ideas?
  15. Success! But not FULL success. I can now get to my forum at www.aclacomments.org/forum/, but when I try to log in, I get logged in to the forum on my old site. I'll look for other config-type files to fix, but will also be waiting for more input from you gurus.
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