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  1. It looks like Alex from support fixed our problem yesterday, well, at least after I complained a second time. Wednesday night late sometime - the problem started 12:11pm Thursday I reported the problem in a ticket. 12:45pm Alex reported that they had fixed the problem I tested and the problem was not fixed. 12:54pm I updated the ticket with the fact that the problem was not fixed and supplied him with my email auth credentials (which I'm still a little weirded out over) 16:03pm Alex responded again that the issue was fixed. I tested and it was indeed fixed, but I was only getting new email, so I responded again with a question about where my old inbound and outbound email had gone. 16:36 Alex responded that exim had been forced to deliver it's queued email and I should be getting my email. I see a lot of spam and my tests showed up for the period we experienced problems, so it appears that we're back at full service. So the outcome seems to be positive at this point, but I'm still left pretty frustrated. Would it have ever been fixed if we hadn't complained? Twice? Would our old email have ever shown up if we hadn't complained a third time? Black holed email is about one of the worst things you can do to a customer. I'd rather see bounces and errors any day. We had no clue that something was wrong at first until we realized that no new email was showing up 12-18 hours after the problem cropped up. The only scenario I can imagine that would cause black holed email is some sort of server/service maintenance that went badly or a botched configuration update. If the former was to blame, then TCH has a problem with testing their changes, if the latter was to blame then TCH's update processes are not robust enough. Again, I hope I share this sentiment with others: I'd rather that mail transport fail catastrophically than have it silently disappear. The above statement about issues being caused by clients checking email more often than every 5 minutes seems jarring to me as well. I've not heard of this before and can only think of scenarios where network attached storage (NAS) is used for the email store and file lock contention issues between the mail transport agent (MTA) and the mail deliver agent (MDA) might cause problems. I also know for a fact that using NAS for MTA and MDA services is not recommended for just this reason. I know that TCH is a basic bargain service, but I don't feel that we have ask TCH for enything above basic services. I'm not continuously asking for help with trivial issues, or even expecting help with my PHP coding or mySQL database problems. I used to run a small ISP and have been an IT professional for large (and small) businesses in an Internet services support role for about 12 years. There are basic expectations that customers, and even other Internet businesses have, when dealing with an ISP. Mail, DNS, routing, and to an extent - web server configuration are all services that an ISP needs to have down cold. They need to be solid services or you can't get ahead because everything else is built on top of them.
  2. sgnelsonusy and I are pretty frustrated with this situation. Email being down is one thing, but our email is being BLACK HOLED. Senders are not getting bounces and outbound says it worked when it doesn't. I opened ticket RVG-63315 at 2:11 Pacific today. I have also experienced some strangeness on my portal site that's making me think it is related to mySQL DB corruption. Could this be related to the server move? Were we moved? How would our DB have been moved live? I'm seriously thinking about changing providers.
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