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  1. Hi, I am trying to upload a 10+ Mb file via FP2003 publish command and it always times out. I know a 5Mb file works, I have created a mono sound effect that is 5Mb and the stereo version is 10Mb. Any ideas on how to keep the server from timing out? Thanks Ron
  2. Hi, I have hot link enabled as I have added many animated gifs, wav's, fonts, and midi files. These files are there for people to download. I enabled Hot Link to prevent others web sites from linking directly to them and using my bandwidth. I was able to reproduce the problem by using a free anonymous web surfing site. With Hot Link enabled I saw NO graphics at all, then I disabled Hot Link, flushed browser and did manual refresh I saw all graphics. Re-enabled Hot Link and all graphics were gone again. I closed my browser (left anonymous surf site), opened it up again and typed my URL in manually and graphics were back. I have tried several different anonymous surfing sites, some seem to work fine, but extremely slow. Others cause different problems such as, Hot link enabled 1) no graphics displayed 2) background theme colors gone from FP2003 but some theme graphics there. Any ideas as to why this is the case? Thanks Ron
  3. Hi, I am using FP2003 also, I had not updated my site in a couple of months, then tried and had this problem about 2 -3 weeks ago. I got lucky to chat with tech support online and "She" fixed it in a couple of seconds. I asked if it was something I did, she said no, she also asked me NOT to re-install the extensions. I do know that if you have HOT LINK PROTECTION ENABLED then your will get this error. I was told hot link modifies .htaccess file which FP2003 DOES NOT LIKE. My guess is if .htaccess is modified by anyone other than FP2003 you will get this error. Hope this helps, my problems with FP2003 have been minimal, just need to remember to disable HOT LINK, then publish, then re-enable. Ron
  4. Hi, When these people said they could not see the graphics I was able, even flushed my browsers then made sure to do manual refresh. I was instant messaging with 1 of these 2 people so we were very near real time on screen refreshes. How is it possible that I could and he could not, I would think Hot Link either works or does not. Any other thoughts? Thanks Ron
  5. Hi, I have had a couple of people tell me that they cannot see any graphics on my site when using browsers FF or IE7.x. When I turn off Hot Link Protection they can see the graphics. How/why is this possible? 1) I use FP2003 so every time I want to update my site I must turn OFF Hot LINK Protection, upload my changes, then turn Hot Link back on. 2) It appears that during one of these ON/OFF cycles the problem began. We both traded banner links, after I updated my site they could not see the graphics anymore. Any ideas why they cannot see any graphics on my site? Also, could some of you please visit my site and tell me of you can see the graphics from the links area. Here is the link... http://www.halloweenpropshop.com/halloween..._exchange_1.htm Please let me know where you are State/Prov & country so I can try to determine if it is a localized issue. Off topic, what forum software is this and is it available for "US" to use at no charge? Thanks for your help! Ron
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