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  1. I'd like to submit my site: 1. http://www.dehavenassociates.com 2 DeHaven & Associates, Inc.: Financial, Accounting, & Insurance 3. Your one stop shop in Sacramento for financial planning, accounting, wills & trusts, and insurance. 4. Commercial 5. Link back is already in place. Thanks folks!!
  2. Well this is certainly more than enough to get me on the right track. Thanks again!!!
  3. Thanks so much for the input!! Thanks to the mods too for putting the post in the suitable catagory. I do keep an eye on what terms are used to find my site in the awstats and try to keep the most 'relevant' tags up to date in the meta tags. I'll rework the description and do a little digging to see if I can correct the links to get them pointing to the more 'desireable' url. As for the title though, it does bring up one more little question. I've had a tendency to change my title from time to time just to keep it funny and fresh (granted I'm probably the only one that gets a kick out of it). So that being said, I'm assuming that it would be better to place the site name before the wit for recognition purposes, such as: Example.com:Insert witty phrase here. That way the title has the site name right there for all to see. Or might this practice of random phrases in the title adversely affect ranking?
  4. First let me say that I've searched and searched and can't find anything that addresses my question. So either I'm not asking the right question or the answer is just unknown. Here's the story: I purchased a .net domain (we'll call it example.net) because the example.com domain was already owned. Shortly after my site went live, I found that example.com was not renewed and I was able to snatch it up on auction. Now during the time prior to my owning example.com, when I would type in 'example' into google, I would get both my site (.net) and the .com version in the results. However, shortly after I gained control of example.com and parked it on top of example.net, google dropped the .com from it's results. Now my question is, could it have dropped off because it's a parked domain, or could it be because the content of the site had not changed in roughly two years before I took ownership of it? Furthermore, should I resubmit the site to google and see if it becomes included again? I might be obsessing a bit too much over the issue, but for some reason I'd just rather see the example.com be the 'main listing' in the search results for Google, just as it currently does on MSN and Yahoo. I've thought about just resubmitting it, but I'm fearful about exclusion of both sites for 'duplicate content'. I'm just wondering if anyone else has any insight on how to handle .com & .net issues. Thanks in advance for any advice.
  5. 1. boroski.com 2. boroski.com 3. Now I am truly master of MY domain. Unique takes on the web and the world. 4. Blog site 5. backlink in place. Thanks!!
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