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  1. Sounds like gushing admiration....but: TCH has the strongest customer support i have ever experienced. I do not care to understand how you staff/manage/reward employees, but DONT CHANGE IT. If all of the vendors I deal with could respond HALF as well as you people do, I would be happy. Keep up the good work, and dont allow the bean counters talk you into SHAVING a little here and SAVING a little there. Thanks todd
  2. All I would like to take a moment to thank TCH for fine customer service. I had a problem with Horde, (first TCH related issue in 2 years). Opened a ticket, automated response within 30 seconds. Problem resolved with a personal response within 30 minutes. Thanks Alex Spaford and all. todd
  3. All 'hope this is in the right list. I need to control the look of horde for certain users. I need to present Horde>calender.... and thats all. I do not want users to see the options tab, or the email tab, or the layout tab......... I NEARLY have what I need by deselecting "show Hord Menu On Left" and Show "Icons Only" ScreenCapture atached in .jpg I need an option like Show "Notext NoIcons" Any Ideas? Todd
  4. I just had a small problem with my one of sites hosted at TCH. Wrote a ticket, and LESS THAN 30 SECONDS LATER, Alex Spaford had me running again. No big deal. just a small problem, fast response, happy customer. Keep it TCH. Todd
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