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  1. I used to use Password Safe, but switched to KeepPass about two years ago. There are versions for Windows and Linux and even a Windows Portable version for USB. I currently use the Portable version and keep the password database in a Truecrypt volume on the USB flash drive for extra protection.
  2. It appears that you can add the appropriate subdirectories to get straight to the webmail app you want. RoundCube https://webmail.domain.xxx/3rdparty/roundcube/ Horde https://webmail.domain.xxx/horde/index.php Squirrelmail http://webmail.domain.xxx/3rdparty/squirrelmail/
  3. That's good to know. Thanks. I just checked and it works for my domain. Is there any way to set the default webmail app without having to wait for the auto-redirect?
  4. Yeah, that works. I was hoping for a less "kludgy" way of doing it. With the webmail folder I have to select whether I'm behind a firewall that blocks 2096 or not. Then I have to wait for the auto-redirect. Squirrelmail is setup to use https://domain/sqmail - it would be nice if you could also https://domain/roundcube or horde if you so chose.
  5. I'd like to revisit this topic, if I may. I've been using Squirrel mail for some time now and have successfully done so with https://****/sqmail I'd like to move to Roundcube, which I can only get to by using http://****/webmail and then wait for the redirect. Because of the special folder status causing the redirects to port 2095, I am not able to get a secure connection. I need to be able to connect securely so I don't pass my username/password in the clear over the network. What options are there? Do I need to install my own version of Roundcube in my site for this?
  6. This was my issue. I turned "register_globals" back on temporarily and the script worked - no more blank screen. However, looking in the PHP script (I'm no adept PHPer mind you), I don't see your references to $PHP_AUTH_USER. but rather $_SERVER['PHP_AUTH_USER']. Could you provide a little more guidance so I can turn register_globals back off? Thanks.
  7. I made the mistake at one time to set the file manager settings to not show hidden files and to remember this decision. How do I "forget" this setting? I figure there must be some config file somewhere, but was not able to locate it. I'm sure it is right in front of me, though.
  8. I've just run into a snag where ports 2082/2083 are not open to me any longer. I was unsuccessful in getting these ports opened by the powers to be. I posted about this in January, 2006, but was able to get to the ports needed. Now I'm completely blocked. Is there a reason why proxying through port 80/443 has been disallowed? Does anyone have any alternative solutions I can try to get around this? I did try to find a public proxy, but most are blocked as well using a blacklist. Those that I could reach were unreliable.
  9. I've been a TCH customer for quite a while. I'm one of the luck ones. I selected TCH, but don't really recall why. It's grown quite a bit since then, but I can honestly say that service has been top-notch from the beginning. I setup my personal domain here for my blog and have had zero problems. When my father wanted a website to display his photography, there was only one answer - TCH. About a year and a half ago, I was asked by a friend to get his business website up and running again. I told him, "no problem, but you need to host it at TCH." Sure enough, we closed out his orig
  10. If you are hosting applications of any sort on TCH, I recommend you subscribe to the Support Announcement Forum. I myself did not do this. As much as I would like to be able to read this forum on a regular basis, I just don't have time. I had subscribed to the forum for my server so I would know of any issues, but forgot to subscribe to the general Support Announcement Forum. Had I been subscribed to this forum, I would have been aware of the migration to PHP5 and would have been able to prepare myself and prevent application failure. Doh... Thanks to TCH for not only providing a s
  11. Here is a simple way to search the TCH forums using the Google Search Engine Google supports a number of search operators, many of which can be directly accessed using their Advanced Search window. These operators can also be used directly from the search bar. One of the most useful that I have found is the site operator. This is the operator to use to limit your search to a specific site. In your Google search bar, enter the following to search TCH forums for the keywords "mail" and "service": site:totalchoicehosting.com/forums mail service You'll notice the results all
  12. Ownership problems tend to cause what is being seen here. Sometimes the automated tools (Fantastico) will install a package as the web server user (uid 99 - nobody). Another area that this happens with is uploading files through an application other than FTP or CPANEL. Those applications (Joomla, etc.) are running as the user "nobody" and so files uploaded through them are owned by that user. When the ownership is set as the web server user and the permission are not xx7, you will not have the correct privileges to overwrite the files. This means extracting archives, deleting, or ch
  13. I see a couple potential issues with this, depending on the specific information you are requesting. First, you must use SSL so that the form is encrypted. I would recommend getting your own SSL certificate as opposed to using a shared certificate. Secondly, you'll want to select a secure method to submit the data. There are all kinds of form options out there(http, javascript, php, etc.), not all of them are secure. You'll also want to address storage of the information. Are you storing it in a database or in flat files? How are you protecting it from unauthorized view. Fi
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