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  1. Well guys and gals, I've been doing some hunting. I managed to find the following link: http://bugs.mysql.com/bug.php?id=7987 In it, John Collins had the answer. He writes that MSAccess looks for user Admin when attempting to connect to an MySQL database using ODBC. I created a user ADMIN and Voila! So regardless of the users you have set up and regardless of the success of the TEST, you won't connect until you set up a user ADMIN and assign it to your databases. I am not a system guru; I don't know the inner workings and I don't really want to - but this worked. Thanks, John Collins!
  2. Let's take this one more step. Now that I can connect, the database field in the Windows ODBC setup application is supposed to populate with the various databases that I have access rights to. But none are showing up. I DO have rights to the tables, bu tnone are showing up. Please advise. Thanks.
  3. That was it. You guys are terrific. Thanks.
  4. I have recently set up phpNuke on my site using the Fantastico script assistant. It creates a MySQL database and sets up a config.php file which has the database name, userid and password. Using cPanel, I have created another MySQL database and I am trying to set up an ODBC connetion to it. I am using the same userid and password as in the config file, changing only the database name, but using the same cPanel_database convention as with the phpNuke database. But so far, no luck. I get a "cannot connect ..." error. Any suggestions?
  5. I've got the documentation and that does answer the 2nd question, but not the 1st, at least as fard as I can tell. Still get a "can't connect" error. Do I have to identify a port. I am leaveing localhost as the server ID. Is that correct?
  6. I have downloaded the 3.3 package and uploaded it to my site. I have unpacked it and edited the mt-config.cgi. I am getting an "Unable to connect" error. I tried running the wizard and get the same error. Database name is mtdb and user is mtadmin. Pretty bland stuff. Of course I prefix both with my cPanel user ID and an underscore, e.g cPaneID_mtdb. Password is correct. SQL database is already setup. User is already setup and assigned to the database. Any clues? Any gotchas I need to know about? Also, in previous versions, instruction called to run mt-load.cgi. I do not see an mt-load in this version. What actually builds the tables in SQL? Thanks guys and gals.
  7. I tried every combination of kwsuki with the '_', without it, etc. I finally gave in and created another user and added him to the database and it worked. Go figure! Thanks for the help guys!
  8. Please educate me if you can. I am using Movable Type, every day, as I learn how to maintain that site. Am I NOT accessing the MySQL databases? When I go into phpMyAdmin I see all the work that I have done. The records are there! The only user shown has the same name as the cPanel User ID. I do not remember creating that user, but perhaps I did. That is the name I am using. Example: cPanel name = kwsuki MySQL user = kwsuki Password = password (not really) When createing the DSN for ODBC connectivity, do I have to say user name = kwsuki_kwsuki I have actually already tried that and I get the same error. I tried submitting a Help Desk ticket. They responded to try to add the % wildcard to my access host since I don't have a dedicated IP and then fussed at me for submitting a non-server related issue. Told me to try the forums, which I have been trying to do? I'll have to wait until I get home to try the wildcard suggestion. Until then, I'll keep groping. If anyone has any more ideas, let me know.
  9. The only name associated with my database IS my cPanel name. I have not created any additional users and Movable Type is working fine. Wouldn't I have a problem with MT accessing the databases if I did not have the necessary names set up?
  10. Please elaborate. I am using my MySQL databases for a Movable Type site and I am having no problem with that. I am using the same User name and Password that I have in the mt_config.cgi script.
  11. Hey guys, I need some help. I do not have a static IP address. I went to the whatismyip.com and put the reported Ip address in the "access Hosts" on mySQLAdmin. I am still getting the following error: [MySQL][ODBC 3.51 Driver]Access denied for user 'kwsuki'@'ip24-254-38-172.br.br.cox.net' (using password: YES) I feel confident that the User and Password are entered correctly. I'd appreciate any advise.
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