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  1. Thanks Andy. I'll refer your thoughts to my hosting outfit. Bit beyond my expertise.
  2. I am using Dreamweaver 2004 MX and have succesfully used it's user login script on a server running php4. I've shifted site to a server with php5 and I am now having a problem with the login pages I can't login. Any attempt fails, without displaying any error. I know my connection script works - I can list records from the database, and my "subscribe to newsletter" script works - I can register and new records are added to the member table. Any ideas. Thanks John
  3. My client wishes to view site stats. Can this be done without haveing them access through control panel?
  4. At the end of Feb I had trouble connecting by my database via odbc. The porblem was solved - I suspect rhough some server adjustment by Rick Veazey. See this thread http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/forums/i...c=26375&hl=odbc However, I am having the same problem on a second domain today http://porterordhids.co.nz My site works and connects fine, so database, users etc are all established. I've added my IP address to the "access Hosts" list. Any ideas?
  5. Spot on - it works. Thanks guys for all your help - I was on the verge of giving up! regards John Liddle
  6. Everything's set up as you describe David. I have a router with built in firewall. I'm not sure how it is configured, but I do other have successful ODBC DSNs set up which manage to get through the router OK. Would you expect a connection to TCH servers to behave any differently? How else might we test it?
  7. Thanks Bruce I'm using the database name and user in this format database = "USN_cataloguedata" username = "USN_visitor" Where USN is the Username that I use to login to the site admin though the control pannel. The Control panel > mysql account maintenance page sample connection script says to use the username rather than the domain name. Correct? This works for the php connection script for tha site. If it is the domain name - which part of it www.allenton.co.nz allenton.co.nz I tried both to no avail. In regards to the user access, I'm using a mysql database
  8. I need to make a ODBC connection to my MySQL database hosted by TCH. I've followed the suggestions given by TCH-David here. This method is the same as I have used many times to establish a System DSN, but with one exception; in the past I've used the IP address of the MySQL server rather that my sites domain name to point to the host. When I use the domain name, I get the following error "Can't connect to MySQL server on 'www.allenton.co.nz' (10060)" I know the database is up - my site used it! I've added my PC's IP address to the Access Hosts panel in the Control Panel.
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