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  1. I am having trouble publishing my website. I have updated in Dreamweaver and now am unable to publish. "WARNING: The selected folder does not contain the current site's home page. The site map cannot be built." I've moved the index page to the public_html folder and it doesn't make any difference. my site: www.lincolnms.com Please help!
  2. Okay. That worked, but the pictures aren't showing for the buttons and logo. And the links aren't working properly. I realize why the Home button isn't working -> pointing to an old page. But the rest should be working. We took the hit counter off, and now it has text there as "Hit Counter". Suggestions???
  3. I'm trying to help a friend with their website. It is coming up to the directory page instead of the home/index page. lincolnnazarene.org What step am I missing? I know it has to be something simple. We are using Front Page.
  4. Trying to figure out how to publish so my index manager doesn't show up as the "home page". Can anyone assist?
  5. Thanks to everyone. I think I finally have it! And did I mention...
  6. Okay, I've given up on the database thing for now. I have to get this ready so I can use it for our registrations. Now when I submit a form - just to have the user send an email, I get this error on the web. Warning: fopen(2008_Walk_Registrations.txt) [function.fopen]: failed to open stream: Permission denied in /home/jtsysbcu/public_html/Lincoln MS Website/index.php on line 151 Cannot open file (2008_Walk_Registrations.txt) However, the form is submitted via email and the confirmation email sent to the user. I cannot have this error page come up as the registrant will think tha
  7. In the help menu on php form wizard, "Please note that if you want the wizard to create the MySQL Table in which you want to save the submitted data please run the script setup.exe once on yourserver ." How do I run the setup.exe on the server??
  8. that didn't work either.
  9. From the connect button on the php form wizard.
  10. still getting the error.
  11. Okay, I did that and I'm getting the following error. see attachment. ????
  12. What do I enter for the host name? What do I enter for the port? the help section of php form wizard said to contact the hosting company for this information.
  13. Thanks everyone! Now I have another question. I am using PHP Form Wizard to assist with my form submission. I need some information for the scripting. I've attached a screen shot of the wizard. I need to know the host name and port and I'll be set with my form! Please advise. And thanks in advance for your assistance! I really appreciate it!
  14. Can someone please help me? I am working on my website and cannot seem to get my form to submit the form via email or database upload. I need to get this done, as I've been working on it for a couple of weeks with no avail. If anyone can help with scripting, I'd really appreciate it. http://www.lincolnms.com/Lincoln%20MS%20Website/MS_Walk.html The way it is set up now, when you click the submit button, it brings up an email (blank). That's not really what I want. Last year I had it set up to send email and it worked just fine with the form fields showing in the email. But through havin
  15. Grease (It's electrifying!!)
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