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    norwegian forest cats, kids, psp, pixeling, photography, webdesign
  1. Thank you abinidi, you sound like a tv commercial allready and congrats on winning a free month, that is something that really motivates for others as well!
  2. Carin

    Suggestion Forms

    This is just a simple form in html and dutch so I wil ltry to change and give a few pointers it is frontpage compatible.... I use it as contact form for my cattery Just copy form, paste in frontpage in the code view, and adjust to your needs in the design view if you wish. My main rule if you stay of any of the coding it works Make sure to change the email addy to your own. Marked in red on this forum
  3. Well we just signed up for hosting, and we hope we are going to enjoy our 'new' place. Steve, links exchanges are always welcome would be cool if we have a 'foreign link'
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