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  1. Here is my website. nicholslandinghomeowners.com I used FrontPage to design it. According to FrontPage, here is the reason Saving Form Results to E-Mail will not work unless either the "SMTPHost" or "SendmailCommand" server configuration parameters are set. Could someone help?
  2. I uploaded my files thru the Cpanel. How would I go about loading those files? Do you have a link to the server that I use?
  3. I am new to Front Page. I created a website. It's working. My problem is the theme isn't coming in. I have all info working. If you need to see, here is the website address. nicholslandinghomeowners.com Please advise.
  4. One of my pages is a Suggestion Form. I am trying to get the form to send to an email address. It doesn't work. How would I go about the fix?
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