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  1. yep thanks thats just the format i have, i will try it on another account and see what happens many thanks Carl
  2. thanks for the welcome. as far as i can see i have done all correctly. I have however deveated slightly as i already have a folder called stats so called it awstats , i didnt see a problem , i could be wrong. i have set the options in the config file, username/passwords for login and cpanel access. and the site name. i have placed the config file in root/safe folder. when i go to log in i have the popup box asking for my username and password but i cant get past this. any suggestions ? Many thanks Carl
  3. hello. many thanks , i to have the same problem where the user and password is rejected. i know about password protecting but wouldnt know where to start when trying to disabled the authentication in the index.php file. can anyone please advise. Kind Regards Carl
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