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  1. An image it will probably be. Thanks Bruce!
  2. Sorry, I didn't realize my post was translating into the actual bullet. I was using #149; and switched to #8226 which is on the list you suggested. But, when I make the change from 149 to 8226 and save the file...the 149 pops back up. Do you suppose that is a Macromedia thing???
  3. Can someone 'splain this to me? I have been running my web pages through the W3C Markup Validation and I get a warning that a special character (round bullet) • should really be changed to the more widely accepted • However, everytime I make that correction and save my file....the • pops right back up. I am using Dreamweaver (probably should have posted this there...) and then uploading. Is this happening because Dreamweaver doesn't recognize the new symbol code? Should I ignore the validation warnings? Should I choose another symbol? Should I try using another editor?
  4. Wow! Just amazing...I wonder what that guy does to relax?
  5. Hi there! I'd like to be added to the Family, please. Show Biz - Diary of a Novice Show Biz - Diary of a Novice A look into the world of showing dogs from a novice's point of view. Personal Required link is on page one and I'll probably add it to my links page also. Thanks!
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