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  1. While your plans offer plenty of web space to host what I need, it is not limitless. I have giving some friends of mine FTP access to my web server but I wish there was a way I could cover my back and make sure that they don't use up all my disc space. If there was a tool to set a limit on folder sizes then all my problems would be solved, but there is no tool to do so. This would not be very hard for TCH to do, and it would be incredibly useful to me.
  2. Hi guys, here is my setup, hope you like the way my watercooled case looks as much as i do!
  3. TCH Rocks I am using my webpage as a home for my Gameing clan, and communication is critical in some games, and talking beats the hell out of typing. We currently use a program called teamspeak http://www.teamspeak.org/ to communicate but running it off my home pc ruins my ping when i play game, i was wondering if it's at all possible to run in on my webhost? TCH Rocks
  4. HurrA!, my little corner of the world.... HURRA!
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