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  1. Hi, Can we or are we allowed to have this set to on? allow_url_include I ask as this is what is stopping my website from doing what it needs to do and that is be a central meeting point for our guild (World of Warcraft). So far I am unable to use a module for vbadvanced that shows members in teamspeak and now It will not allow the calendar to function correctly. So if this is not possible please let me know ASAP so i can provision a new supplier. Thanks Phill.
  2. Thanks for the advanced notice of turning it off (NOT) it wasnt untill i had people telling me photos were not appearing that i had a look and you turned it off 4 days ago. Still not to worry looks like i will try that other way you told me about but it would have been nice to have been warned.
  3. Would it be possible to have my database backed up automaticaly and then saved on my server so i can download it once a week or something?
  4. It seems odd that i created the folder and all of a sudden i do not have persion to delete it
  5. I have a folder that is undeletable by me in my server i have renamed it to ........... so it doesnt get in the way but why would it be undeletable?
  6. Well i asked here and got what i thought was the answer to my problems, However it seemed not as if i ran my photo insertion script manualy it inserted the photo's to my data base as it should, But when the cron job did it nothing was inserted. So i have done some research and because the php server api is apache and not cgi i had to do a different cron. the one i had was.. /usr/bin/php -q /home/your_cpanel_name/public_html/path/to/script/script.php This ran once an hour and basicaly buggered it up. I have subsequently found that to run a succesfull cron job using apache i have to use... lynx -dump http://www.mysite.com/path/to/the/script/script.php and this now works. I hope this may be helpful to some people who are in need of a script running automaticaly using a cron. Perhaps this could be included in a FAQ somewhere as it took me a long time to find what i needed...
  7. Thanks very much for your help and patience it is very much appreciated dwayne...
  8. I did that bit but what do i put into the 'your command here' part all i want to do is call a php file >/home/your-cpanel-id/public_html/photo/mobileproc.php thats what it is and where it is do i just put that in it? thanks dwayne.. Edit: TCH-Bruce - edited user identifiable information. Please don't post your user ID in the forums.
  9. Hi, I would like to have a script run once an hour from what i can gather that means setting up a cron job, i have had a look in cpanel at them but to be honest it looks like an alien language to me. What do i put into the box to make the script run on the hour every hour? thanks dwayne.
  10. "I always knew you were different to the other girls i have dated."
  11. Oh ok so its not possible then not to worry. Thanks anyway. dwayne...
  12. Hi, although i am still in the process of building it, its only graphicaly inept at the moment so i would be very pleased if you would consider adding me to your venerable family album. My site is www.p14.org. Thanks dwayne...
  13. Hi, I have a photo album for my family so the members around the world can log on and see all of us. Well i have various videos of stuff like partys and play time anyway i would like to be able tostream them instead of them having to download the whole thing before it plays, How would i go about it. If youwant to chek it out its at p14.org watch a video and you will see what i mean it doesnt start until the whole thing has downloaded but some of them are 10 - 20mb. thanks dwayne....
  14. I once watched the american super bowl this bloke called the fridge was in one team, Anyway me and my mate must have been about 18 -19 at the time and we bought loads of crisps chocky and beer and stayed up till about 4am to watch it. Well although it was entertaining it went on for hours they stopped every nanosecond for some reason and the whole team changed every now and then, They would also run with the ball and then stop for yonks with the coach bloke chatting to all the team. I couldnt get into it to be honest.
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