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  1. I guess I need to learn more about php, but I had no idea that it would affect my OsCommerce cart. As a result, my store is down, along with a dozen orders, and I have no idea how to fix it. Is there any way to fix the "fatal error" in my shop without having to start over from scratch? The idea of reloading some 1500 items with photos is a bit much. I did ask over on the OsC boards, and did download a supposed "compatibility patch" but it didn't seem to have any effect. Guess it's my own fault, but with two jobs, I just can't keep up with all the various forums
  2. I got it!! Turns out my databse password was off by one letter, I went through cPanel and deleted then readded that user to that database... success! Thanks guys, I knew it had to be something easy
  3. Hey MT Gurus... any ideas what I'm missing when I get this error? I was upgrading from 3.31 to 3.32 last night, and yes, I've reuploaded all the files, checked all the permissions, and it has to be something very stupid and easy because I can't see it TCH-Bruce - edited out user identifiable information
  4. I got it going - Turns out under Authentication Type you need to pick Login, not Plain. In any case, working like a charm now, thanks TCH!!
  5. I'm having a heck of a time getting my email up and running here. I can get mail coming in just fine, but I can't send any mail out. I've tried all the combinations of name@domain.com and name+domain.com and so forth, but I keep getting this - "Logging into mail.domain.com SMTP server... Could not connect to mail.domain.com SMTP server 501 Invalid base64 data No messages sent" I use Poco Mail, can't stand Outlook. Hopefully someone has an idea or hint, or can point me to the tutorial (I swore I saw one but now can't find it...) Thanks!
  6. I posted in the MT forums, but so far, no answer there... was hoping someone would know why I can't stay logged into MT? Tried at work and at home, and yes I have cookies enabled, and I tried with and without checking the "remember me" box, but everytime I go to a new screen I have to log in again. Any ideas?
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