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  1. I'm looking for software, or at least the proper technical description, to upload data from a source (MSAccess, Excel, etc.) on a client browser, to a server resident mysql data base. This software or script I imagine, would have to execute on the server, and pull the data from the client. Am I making any sense? Jack
  2. I call several Javascript functions from within php scripts. These functions include datepickers and openning new browser windows. The functions work fine, but they don't always load when I click on the link. When they don't load, if I go back to the previous page then return to the page with the function in question and click on the link, it usually loads. Alternatively, if I refresh the page in question and click on the link, occasionally it will load. If I refresh and then click repeatedly, eventually the function will load. Any help will be greatly appreciated, Jack.
  3. I successfully configured a cron job in cpanel to run a php script. Now I would like to run that script remotely from VBScript. Dim Controller, RemoteScript Set Controller = WScript.CreateObject("WSHController") Set RemoteScript = Controller.CreateScript("http://www.MyWebSite.com/MyPath/MyScript.php") RemoteScript.Execute I have placed '#!/usr/bin/php' in the script. Can anyone tell me why this doesn't work? Thanks
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