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  1. Thank you TCH-MikeJ for that important point of clarification! It seems to me, then, that it would be best to do this in the .htaccess for the entire website rather than individually in Wordpress? I can't think of any advantage of doing it from within Wordpress . . . but I'm not really smart on this type of thing. Also, for other people who come to read this thread, I want to point out that the gzip feature both of the above responders are talking about is not mod_gzip. Mod_gzip is an Apache mod. The above code given by TCH-Don is a php function that uses gzip compression. I followed the l
  2. Hello all - I was searching the web on how to optimize my website bandwith usage and I came across this post at the Yahoo Search blog. So my question is, can we use this feature on our accounts? I use Wordpress for some blogs and I saw that under the reading options they have a check box that says "compress articles (gzip) if browsers ask for them" I assume this is something like mod_gzip, but obviously this only works for stuff in my wordpress blog. Is there any way we can do something similiar for stuff elsewhere? Rundi
  3. Thanks for the responses, but the above suggested Dada mail fits my needs perfectly. I have it installed and am currently using it.
  4. Ah . . . yes, I suppose that would be wise. I didn't even think of that. Unfortunately I can only edit my last post, none of those previous to the most recent. So it would be nice if a mod could obscure my cpanel name for me, if they could find the time. Thanks. Rundi
  5. TCH-Thomas - You were completely correct. The problem was either missing or corrupted files. A good fresh upload brought the correct information up on my cgi page. I hope vimalus and Debi manage to solve their problems as well. I strongly suggest they first try setting the permissions on mail.cgi to 755 and see if that takes care of their error message. It took care of mine. (But then I had that bad install to take care of as well.) Glad to have it all working. Thanks to everyone for their time! Rundi
  6. Ok, I've made a bit of progress. Maybe this will help vimalus too. I changed the permission on mail.cgi to 755 and that took care of my error. NOTE: It seems every time I upload my mail.cgi it settings is returned to 777 and I get the error message again, so I must chmod the mail.cgi file every time I upload it! However, I am still not all the way there. Now when I go to www.marilynbelford.com/cgi-bin/dada/mail.cgi I get . . . well go there and see for yourself. I get a little welcome thing, but I can't do anything. Hello? I don't think that is how it is supposed to be. Any sug
  7. Waaaah! Okay, how does one tell for certain if a file is being uploaded in binary or not? I've tried uploading in both smartftp and gftp (from both windows and linux machines) and even though I set both to use ASCII as soon as I start uploading mail.cgi it says >150 Opening BINARY mode data connection for /public_html/cgi-bin/dada/mail.cgi 226 Transfer complete. It says this even though I have it set to transfer via ASCII. What gives? Should I just ignore what it says, or is somehow my smartFTP and my gftp acting weird when everyone else is not. But maybe that is not t
  8. Just thought I would mention that I am also having this problem. After poking around a bit I did discover that my "/dada/DADA" was actually "/dada/dada/" So I fixed that. Nonetheless even after that correction there was still same error. I am beginning to suspect that the cgi files were not uploaded as ASCII as the instructions say, but rather as binary. (I was simply trusting my ftp program to do the proper thing.) I am going to try and manually upload the cgi files as ASCII and see if that fixes my problem. Otherwise I come crying back to here.
  9. Thanks for the welcome everyone. Thanks especially to Thomas for that link! It looks like exactly what I was looking for. Now I will have to try it out. BTW I am very happy with TCH hosting. Good price for good service.
  10. Hello. I am looking for a program to install on my website/server space for creating and sending out mailing lists. The goal is for people to be able to enter their e-mail address in a form box on my website so they can recieve newsletters. Any good suggestiongs? I would prefer being able to send html formatted newsletters I am leery of using mailing list programs that are run by third party companies as it seems they always have strings attached. Thus my desire to install the program on my own web server space and have complete control. (No company selling my subscriber list or sudden
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