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  1. Oh, dang, I could have sworn I read on one of the threads that the dada-files folder outside the public_html folder needed to be 777. Ok, going to delete it all, do a fresh download of the program and a upload again.
  2. Hi, thank you, Guys! Ok, I double checked everything except for the permissions again. To recap that: I should make sure the dadafiles which is outside the public.html folder is 777 to write to it. mail.cgi should be 755 No, the dadafiles folder is outside public.html Inside the cgi.bin is a folder named dada Inside the dada folder is a folder named DADA as well as the mail. As soon as I return from feeding I will read this entire thread and check those permissions.
  3. Thank you in advance! TCH recommended I post here and that surely you could help me. I have installed, uninstalled and reinstalled everything to the Cpanel through FTP in the ASCII format. I even tried someone else's thing where they change the config script to dadafiles instead of dada_filescgi then named the folder in home directory the same. Ok, here's what I have. dadafiles in home directory dada folder in cgi-bin DADA file and mail.cgi in the data folder ( / public_html / cgi-bin / dada / ) Config.pm like this: $PROGRAM_ROOT_PASSWORD = '****; $MAILPROG
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