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  1. I'm looking for a bulletin board (forum) script for my son's Hockey Team's site. I'm looking for something as simple as Bravenet's forum service (example). I have installed the phpBB script through cpanel, however, it seems a little over the kids heads - they are all 8 or 9, and while they can use the simple forum style of the bravenet forum, the phpBB offers (and seems to require) too many options for them to completely understand. So, if anyone can offer any suggestions, it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks - Allan Doute
  2. I'm having an issue trying to have cpanel do a complete backup of my site, and send the file to my home ftp server. This used to work in the past, but now all I get is a very small (either 0k, 4k, or 8k) file. I also get the 'Backup Completed' email. My FTP server at home doesn't seem to be the problem - I can upload a file that is roughly the same size that I expect the backup to be, using the same logon credentials that I tell cpanel to use. In the ftp server logs, everytrhing looks fine - except I'm not sure about the ALLO line... The response code it gives basically says the server is ignoring it, though. Here is the log entry from my server: server20.totalchoicehosting.com UNKNOWN nobody [03/May/2004:07:07:47 -0400] "USER ******" 331 - server20.totalchoicehosting.com UNKNOWN ****** [03/May/2004:07:07:47 -0400] "PASS (hidden)" 230 - server20.totalchoicehosting.com UNKNOWN ****** [03/May/2004:07:07:47 -0400] "TYPE I" 200 - server20.totalchoicehosting.com UNKNOWN ****** [03/May/2004:07:07:47 -0400] "ALLO 8192" 202 - server20.totalchoicehosting.com UNKNOWN ****** [03/May/2004:07:07:47 -0400] "PASV" 227 - server20.totalchoicehosting.com UNKNOWN ****** [03/May/2004:07:07:47 -0400] "STOR backup-5.3.2004_07-05-46_doutene.tar.gz" 226 8192 server20.totalchoicehosting.com UNKNOWN ****** [03/May/2004:07:07:47 -0400] "QUIT" 221 This is my latest attempt - and resulted in an 8k file, which appears to be an invalid tar ball. Can anyone offer any insight into what may be going wrong? If it would be more approprioate for me to open a help ticket, than I will do so. Thanks - Allan Doute
  3. TCH-Mike - Thanks. I'll let you know if it gives me any trouble. Allan
  4. TCH-Mike: OK. I've looked through Dada Mail's documentation, and I'm not quite sure what configuration settings I'll need to make to avoid the 50 mails / 300 second limit. If I install it, would you possibly be able to assist me with configuration? Allan
  5. Is mailman (the mail list software available in C-panel) configured to only send 500 in 5 minutes? If so, that might be the easiest way for me to go. If I used PHP's sleep() function, wouldn't the browser have to stay open until the script finished processing? If mailman is the right way to do this, then thats what I'll do. Is that the concensus - that a mailing list is the best way to handle this? Thanks - Allan
  6. I have used PHP's mail() function in a few scripts before, for sending simple mail to one or two addresses. I have a database of approx. 6000 addresses that I would like to send a personal note to, a few (maybe 4 or 5) times a year. These are personal notes (I know, it's a lot of addresses). I have written a PHP script that will run through my database of addresses, and send an e-mail to each one individually, using the mail() function. I am wondering a couple things: - Will this cause severe server load, thus degrading other users sites? - Is this against the "Terms of Service"? (This is a PEROSNAL list, not for profit or spam) I realize that using a canned "Mail List" software package may be preferable, but figured that writing a quick PHP script would be easier, considering the mailing will only happen a few times a year. I have tested my script with a small list of addresses (works fine), but was hoping to get some "Official TCH" input before I ran it against my big db of addresses. So, TCH staff, what do you think? Thank you for your input - Allan Doute (Hopefully, this forum is the appropriate place for this post. If not, my apologies.)
  7. I must say that I have thoroughly enjoyed these posts. I use both Linux and Windows quite a bit. I use Mandrake (8.2 as a server and 9.0 as a regular, everyday OS) and Windows 2000. My work machine runs Mandrake 9.0 and Windows 2000 in a virtual machine (VMWare). I can definitely understand Borfast's comment about Mandrake putting some things in non-standard locations, but I have been using Mandrake since 7.1 - I'm very used to and comfortable with it. I tried RedHat for a little while, but I've become so used to Mandrake & its quirks that Redhat seemed almost foreign... There are several Linux distributions which boot & run from a CD. This is really convenient - you can "look & play around" in Linux without doing anything to your Windows installation other than re-booting. Knoppix seems to be a good place to start. If you do decide to try Linux, I think you'll be happily surprised - if you give it some time, and are willing to learn. If it weren't for a few work related, custom written apps, I'd ditch Windows for my work related PC use in a heartbeat. At home, I use Linux, but the kids need a windows PC - for games. Not that there aren't a lot of great games for Linux, just not as many as for Windows. Plus, my son uses Windows at school - no use confusing a 7 year old. Give him a couple more years, and I'll have another Linux convert on my hands. By no means am I a Linux expert, but I'm always willing to answer any questions that I can. Any reason to move away from M$ is a good reason in my mind. Allan
  8. I just wanted to commend the staff at TCH. Within 8 hours, they had found & fixed my e-mail issue (somehow some file permissions got messed up, and I couldn't receive any e-mail - honestly, I'm pretty sure I didn't do it!). Incredible service. TCH really does rock. I started this topic before deciding a help ticket was a more appropriate arena for the problem, and fully understand the importance of only reporting a problem via one method. So again, my apologies for this fairly useless topic, and also again, I'd like to commend TCH's staff. Rock Sign Allan Doute
  9. Sorry for starting this topic - I sent a help ticket instead. I couldn't find a way to deltet this topic once I started it. Again, my apologies - Allan Doute
  10. Thanks for taking a look. I'll take a look at the pages you reccomended for reading, and won't hesitate to ask if I have any questions. Thanks again for your time! Allan
  11. www.doute.net doute.net (just a family site - not commercial at all) doute.net is a simple family site. There are lots of pictures & videos of my kids, as well as some basic info on what is going on in our lives. There is a link to TCH near the bottom of the index page per the TCH linking guidelines, and there are a couple more elsewhere in the site. I'm interested in your thoughts on how well any search engine may index my site. It's not critical to me that it is visible on search engines as it is a family site - and the people I want to visit already know how to get to it, but it would be nice to see if anyone else cares to visit my site. So, if you have any time to 'spare', please let me know what you think. Thank you for your time - Allan Doute
  12. If the get-together happens, and it's in Michigan, I'd be more than happy to help out in any way I can. I'd really like to put some faces with the names of all the friendly people I've met here. A "tour" of TCH's facilities does sound rather intriguing, too. Wherever it ends up being, if its in or near lower Michigan, I'd love to attend - and again, I'd also like to help out any way I can. Allan
  13. Sounds great to me. Where in Michigan is TCH? I'm in Plymouth. A get together sounds like it would be a lot of fun. Allan
  14. I'm in the process of doing just that. The only downside to that is the fact that my (and my wife's) cell phones can only accept 160 characters, and the FROM address is part of that. So, even using "x@doute.net" takes 11 characters away from the message. I'll try it out as soon as I push the code to TCH, but its been working fine today so far - no delays. It really is intermittent - seems to only delay important messages. But, it just seems so strange that the messages get delayed SOMETIMES no matter where they are going (except to TCH servers, of course). And, yes, it's probably a Cingular issue, so there may well be nothing I can do about it. And that truth does kind of hurt . I'll let you know if I notice any delays or lost messages after I change the FROM address to a valid address. Thanks again for your time - Allan
  15. That's basically what I figured, but I don't like that answer . The only part about that answer that bothers me technically is the fact that the message sometimes is hours late or not delivered at all to whatever address I send it to. My work address VERY rarely has any delay problems, and (believe it or not), my ComCast address has always been very reliable, too. Is it possible that the FROM address being a non-existing address may be posing a problem? I find that hard to believe - becuase the problem is so intermittent, but at this point I'm grasping at anything. Allan
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