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  1. I have an upload folder located in wp_content folder, it's permissions are set to 777 but 99 99 is the owner not me (whatever that means) ..and also my comicpress config.php is also owned by 99 99 and its permissions are set at 664 and I am unable to change permissions to 777..is this somehow my problem?
  2. The problem I seem to be having is that when I use the comicpress manager plugin to upload a comic I get told that to check the permissions of both the target directory and the upload directory and the file doesn't upload. Comicpress requires that I have 3 folders in my public_html. Comics, archive and RSS. The manager seems to see the comic folder as it says there are 0 comics in folder. The manager does not see the archive or rss folders at all, it says there they are not generating and folders not found. The folders ARE there and their permissions are each set to 777. I've reinstalled the c
  3. I removed the upgrade folder and reinstalled comicpress but nothing seemed to change for me with that..still getting the same permission warning.
  4. Thanks for the welcome.. I installed wordpress manually, and when you say remove and try again..do you mean remove "upgrade" and try to upload a comic through the theme or remove upgrade and then reinstall the comicpress theme?
  5. Howdy, I'm hoping I can find some help. I'm trying to get my webcomic off the ground, currently I'm using Wordpress with the Comicpress theme. When I try to upload a comic using the Comicpress theme I get: "The following files were not uploaded, or the permissions on the uploaded file do not allow reading the file. Check the permissions of both the target directory and the upload directory and try again" ..with the Comicpress theme I have to create a comics folder in the public_html folder. I have permission on the folder set to 777 but I keep getting the same warning. I have a friend
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