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  1. Yeah I have used an FTP to upload some parts of the site too. Ok so if I were to remove the hover, would it correct the problem altogther? I mean they are kind of cool, but not necessary. Having them or not, is ok either way for me. Thanks, I am just a fan who did the site for my friend, Texas born Greg V. It has been fun setting up and learning everything but I do get frustrated when I hit a snag like this that I can't figure out on my own.
  2. I created my pages in frontpage 2000 and uploaded them via my cpanel. If I needed to tweek my pages I used the html editor in cpanel and corrected what ever was going on. I am VERY new to webdesign and am pretty much learning as I go. Here is what I have happening, and I am not sure how to correct the problem. I redesigned the main page of the site and uploaded, it went active today. BUT the nav buttons at the top of the page aren't working for everyone who visits the site. I set the buttons to have a hover color blue, background white, text black. THe buttons worked fine on the old page (www.gregvaughan.net/main2005.html) for the most part. Because of the java in the hover they didn't always display for everyone but almost everyone so that was close enough. When I went live with the page today, the nav buttons will click for me in netscape but not in IE. Some others can click them in IE but gets a red x instead of a display with words. When I redid the page, I copied the nav bar html from the old page and brought it over, only changing the colors. Any suggestions? I am not sure why I can click them in one browser but not the other. Anyway, here is the website address. www.gregvaughan.net and the new page is: www.gregvaughan.net/main.html ) I appreciate any info you guys could share... but remember... I am a newbie. Be gentle.
  3. when attempting to log into cpanel, it did ask for me to confirm my email and I did set it, but I can't go past that screen. After setting the contact info, I tried to go to home and it brings me back to the same page again requesting that I enter my email address. Is this a server issue, maintenance issue? Do I need to enter a help ticket? I am confused. I am sure there is a post on this forum about this issue, but for the life of me I can not find it.
  4. Thanks for the welcome guys. I posted the same question on the Invision Free forum and they say it can be done in WHM but not cpanel. Ok, me being the totally green newbie that I am, I have no clue about WHM, all I have used is cpanel. How do I access WHM? this is the linked reply on the invision forum: http://support.invisionfree.com/index.php?showtopic=108774
  5. I feel like a dork for asking a question that should probably be very simple to figure out -- and may be posted elsewhere -- but I am stuck and my searching for answers has just made me more confused. I am a new website owner and I am pretty much learning as I go. I have published my site using frontpage. I have my site up and running, complete with an invision free message board. Everything is working great. The site and the board are both getting a good amount of traffic. What I want to do is change the URL for the message board to one that has the domain/site name in it rather than invision free. (gregvaughan.net/board or /forum for example.) Here is the domain/site: www.gregvaughan.net here is the exsisting URL for the msg board: http://s13.invisionfree.com/GregVaughan/index.php? When I go into my admin panel and add the domain name it gives me this error message: Admin CP Message The domain you have entered does not appear to point to this server at this time. The domain should point to Anyone have any clues for me? What can I do to make this work?
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