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  1. Does TCH offer a hosting plan that allows customer control of DNS records for their domain? The reason I ask is because we had our account moved to a different server due to some scripting issues, and our DNS information (which we had to open a ticket to set up) was wiped out. As a result, our e-mail server is not accessible because its name no longer resolves to its IP, and our MX records are wiped out. I have an open ticket on that, but it's been exceptionally frustrating to see this happen, especially since it's going to take time for DNS information to propagate that should never have been deleted in the first place. I'd be more than happy to pay more if we were able to control this ourselves.
  2. FYI: We are experiencing problems with homegrown PHP scripts that we have hosted on server 24. Specifically, the print() and readfile() functions are both unable to deliver more than 65,535 bytes of data to client browsers during a single execution. This has caused problems with any scripts that send files. I read this thread and thought our issue might be related to the same problem that the EE users are having.
  3. Due to the particular industry in which our company operates, we have to start running our own e-mail server and MTA on-site. This means that mail.ourdomain.com has to resolve to one of our IP addresses, and that this IP address has to reverse back to mail.ourdomain.com. We currently use TCH's email, and mail.ourdomain.com points to the server on which our site is hosted (Server24, to be exact). Our new mailserver is about 24 hours from being ready. When the time is right, would it be possible for me to put in a service request for TCH to change the host (A) record for "mail" to the IP address of our new server? I can change the MX record for the domain through cpanel, but I cannot modify any DNS information. We do not plan to change our webhost, but we will have to host our domain name outside of TCH if this is not possible. Thanks.
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