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  1. I took apart the laptop yesterday and tested out the battery, adapter, and power connection with a voltmeter. The adapter worked fine with 19V and the battery was totally dead, because it hasn't been charged. The power connection inside the laptop had continuity, but for some reason, even with the adapter plugged in, it had barely any voltage. It looked like something overheated and shorted out because there was this smokey, whitish haze inside the power connection. I'm probably going to sell the parts to it so you can check eBay soon if you want them. Thanks for your help! Post edited by TCH-Thomas. Please do not use the forums for advertising.
  2. For html I use a version of HTMLed which I think you can download free. For Java, there's NetBeans or Processing (Processing is easier). For BASIC Microsoft QuickBASIC is good.
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    I've used Squirrel Mail before and it worked great. I've never tried horde though.
  4. The lights for the power, caps lock, hard drive, and numlock do not come on, and I don't hear any beeps, so its probably a power problem then. I should probably test out the battery and adapter with a voltmeter. Thanks!
  5. About a year ago I acquired an old Gateway 2000 Solo 2300 laptop from a friend, who got it as a defect from a manufacturing company. It worked fine for awhile and now it won't turn on. I've tried taking out the hard drive and battery and putting them back in, but it still won't turn on. There are 3 keys missing from the keyboard (which probably doesn't make a difference with the startup), too. Also, the A/C adapter has worked fine, even though there was some electrical tape around part of the wire. I'm not sure what the problem is, so any help would be great.
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