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  1. It's not restored...the page up is old, not the one it should be at all
  2. Can i get an update on Utapau Server........ I just assume they will use the backup from last night and life will be back to normal soon? Is this the correct thinking?
  3. I am not however my site is still not restored. I am waiting patiently i'm on the Utapau Server. I just assume it takes time as you work through the servers.
  4. My hope is more bandwidth. There are tons of other providers that offer tons more bandwidth for the same or less money. I love totalchoicehosting, that would be the only thing I'd like more of for sure. The rest is top notch....service has been awesome. I only say this because my site is growing and I'm closing in on a gb of bandwidth a day...haha I need more for FREEE...please
  5. I am having the exact same issue as the person above. Everything was good until this afternoon. !st time I've had any issues using dreamweaver and trying to upload files.
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