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  1. Just to expand on that post, I wonder if anyone has had experience using atom based PC's to run as a web server? Might be the way forward to reduce hosting costs?
  2. seamicro.com/ Might make your running costs lower...
  3. Had a reply and as I suspected their is a limit in place.
  4. As long as the technical support is better than the live help, the way the English was written made it look like the support person was located in India!
  5. Bruce, try downloading something from your webspace to your home/work pc and see what download speed you get... If you are currently at the datacentre where my server is located, you may receive different results due to local peering. It may be that peering to Europe has these limits in place where as Local US peering doesn't have such a limit.
  6. Hello, there seems to be a bandwidth limit in place when downloading files from the server. I can't get faster than 5Mbit download per http/ftp connection, and if I open many downloads there seems to be a 10Mbit cap based on my IP, or perhaps account. Now what I'm asking is can this limit be raised as downloading 500Mb site backups at 5Mbit really takes far too long especially when I have a 50Mbit internet connection. Can this limit be raised at all? I understand that this limit is probably in place so that one website can't cause a slow down in performance for others on the server, but a 5Mbit cap per http connection seems a bit low by todays standards.
  7. thankyou for the reply will try that
  8. I've installed joomla 1.5 via fantastico, all has gone fine at this point. if i log into my account via ftp i see all the folders created by joomla and the owner of the files and folders is the name of that hosting account, which is correct. however i then install an extension into joomla using the extension manager install. once it has installed the extension, i look at the folders from within my ftp software, and all these new folders installed for this extension dont have the same owner as all the other files, the owner is "99" The problem is, i can't edit any of these files or folders, as i dont have permission to do so. Can i change the ownership of thee files and folder so i can edit them? why have these items been installed not using my username as the owner.. please help! Tom
  9. good things do come to those who wait....
  10. just out of interest, was 68 the last to be done... it was one of the last to be brought online after the datacentre outage.. i bet its the server in the corner with no friends..
  11. ha ha ha i will play with my fantastico tomorrow
  12. 68 is always left till the end, poor little server...
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