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  1. The code I presented was just for reference. I've changed the include_path value to the relevant value. The domain hasn't propagated yet -it's still hosted on another server. I've been able to test rewriterule before propagation prior to this time so I'm kind of at a loss. The old webmaster didn't even know what I was asking for when I asked for the Apache settings they had in place, so he's no help unfortunately. Thanks for the response
  2. Hello, I recently set up an account here to move a client's site from a host that is/was running Windows/Apache/PHP/MySQL. The site has a CMS that refuses to work properly. I was given this information by the old webmaster: <VirtualHost *:80> ServerName url.com ServerAlias www.url.com DocumentRoot "c:\SWB\url" php_value include_path ".;c:\SWB\url" RewriteEngine on RewriteRule "^/([^_#/][^/]*/)*([^_#/][^/]*\.(php|asp|aspx|htm|html))?$" "/__page_renderer.php$0" [QSA] </VirtualHost> I cannot get the URL rewriting to work; since this is now on a *nix box I changed the RewriteRule to RewriteRule ^([^_#/][^/]*/)*([^_#/][^/]*\.(php|asp|aspx|htm|html))?$ /__page_renderer.php$0 [QSA] (removed '/' from the beginning of the regex) but still get a 404 error stating 'The requested URL /__page_renderer.php was not found on this server.' Does any of this information need to be placed in the VirtualHost container or can I do this all through .htaccess? Any help is appreciated. Thanks
  3. You're referring to the database backups that occur daily through automysqlbackup.sh? If I disable that from running will that help the situation? I have databases on there but they're not added to unless I add a product or press release, so I could back up periodically and be ok. Thanks for the help.
  4. Over the last few weeks the stats for my hosted sites have spontaneously stopped gathering data. I've had to send in 5 emails to the help desk so far to have them restart them and each time they say it's fixed. Does anyone have any idea what would make this happen continuously?
  5. Has anyone been able to determine what is wrong with my script? I hate having to manually backup every night b/c sometimes I forget!
  6. I have sent in 3 separate help tickets, and each time the tech will run the backup, say it is working fine, and that's it. Still, the cron doesn't work. Could something be wrong with the cron system itself on server 97?
  7. Thanks Don, yes that is what I mean by [site directory] - I couldn't think of "cpanel username" when I was writing this post. I have deleted the cron job several times and tried again to no avail. I am at a loss here.
  8. also, here is the command I am using to run the cron job >/home/[username]/scripts/automysqlbackup.sh.2.5 note: i've tried moving the file outside my public_html directory into a scripts directory. it has CHMOD 777, as does the file.
  9. Hello all, I need some help with my configuration of automysqlbackup.sh. It was working fine for several months until just a few weeks ago, and now it is giving me this error: >/bin/sh: /home/[site directory]/public_html/automysqlbackup.sh: /bin/bash : bad interpreter: No such file or directory It is set to run every night at midnight, and last night it didn't run at all. here is the configuration portion of the file: ># Username to access the MySQL server e.g. dbuser USERNAME=[my username] # Username to access the MySQL server e.g. password PASSWORD=[my password] # Host name (or IP address) of MySQL server e.g localhost DBHOST=localhost # List of DBNAMES for Daily/Weekly Backup e.g. "DB1 DB2 DB3" DBNAMES="db_name_1 db_name_2 db_name_3" # Backup directory location e.g /backups BACKUPDIR="/home/[site directory]/backups" # Mail setup # What would you like to be mailed to you? # - log : send only log file # - files : send log file and sql files as attachments (see docs) # - stdout : will simply output the log to the screen if run manually. # - quiet : Only send logs if an error occurs to the MAILADDR. MAILCONTENT="log" # Set the maximum allowed email size in k. (4000 = approx 5MB email [see docs]) MAXATTSIZE="4000" # Email Address to send mail to? (user@domain.com) MAILADDR="[my email address]" # ============================================================ # === ADVANCED OPTIONS ( Read the doc's below for details )=== #============================================================= # List of DBBNAMES for Monthly Backups. MDBNAMES="mysql $DBNAMES" # List of DBNAMES to EXLUCDE if DBNAMES are set to all (must be in " quotes) DBEXCLUDE="" # Include CREATE DATABASE in backup? CREATE_DATABASE=yes # Separate backup directory and file for each DB? (yes or no) SEPDIR=yes # Which day do you want weekly backups? (1 to 7 where 1 is Monday) DOWEEKLY=6 # Choose Compression type. (gzip or bzip2) COMP=gzip # Compress communications between backup server and MySQL server? COMMCOMP=no # Additionally keep a copy of the most recent backup in a seperate directory. LATEST=no # The maximum size of the buffer for client/server communication. e.g. 16MB (maximum is 1GB) MAX_ALLOWED_PACKET= # For connections to localhost. Sometimes the Unix socket file must be specified. SOCKET= # Command to run before backups (uncomment to use) #PREBACKUP="/etc/mysql-backup-pre" # Command run after backups (uncomment to use) #POSTBACKUP="/etc/mysql-backup-post" Anyone have any suggestions? note: I don't have it set to 'all' databases b/c I was getting backups of every db on the server, even those that aren't mine. Do I need to put commas in between each db name in the DBNAMES array? TIA
  10. Same here, but this post helped me. Thanks guys!
  11. I would like to know how I can set a server setting to allow caching of certain images that I have in a folder called "cache" (/images/cache/). My problem is that with my css rollovers on my nav bar in IE, the text flashes momentarily before the background image is placed. I know it works b/c with IIS I can set the content expiration for the cache folder to 5 days and it fixes the problem. How can I do this with CPanel and .htaccess? Thanks if you want to see what I'm talking about, www.programthisweb.com
  12. Hello, this is my first day with you guys, so forgive me if I'm ignorant.... I have not changed my dns yet, but I am looking at my site through the url given in the initial email. Before I put some test files up in the public_html directory, I deleted everything that was in the folder initially, but I think I removed the .htaccess file too! I created a new one to see if the 404 error could point to my custom error page, but nothing happens when i upload it to the server. I cannot see the file, nor does an incorrect URL cause my error page to come up. Any ideas as to what I am doing wrong? This is my first time using Apache, I've been used to IIS for some time, so any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks
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