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  1. Does that mean I would be able to create a new cgi-bin dir at the same level as the public_html dir and run my scripts from there? Bompa
  2. Why not just create a password protected directory for each project? Bompa
  3. Rob, thank you. When I said htdocs, I meant whatever dir contains the html files for the site. Anyways, I think you answered my question. thank you Bompa
  4. Hello, I need to move my site from powweb, (been there two years and hated every day of it), but all my handwritten perl cgi's contain file paths to dirs located above the cgi-bin dir, such as: "../htdocs/filename.html" "../data/blah.db". Q: What would be the path to my htdocs dir and cgi-bin dir. Or, more simply, is the cgi-gin located *inside* the htdocs dir? Thank you, Bompa PS: My eyes are bloodshot from reading these forums, (over an hour), yet I have still not found the info I need. One post I did stumble accross suggested a re-organization of the forum and I second that motion. Like navigation on a web site, a forum should be organized for a newcomer and we should never think: "once they use it, they'll figure it out".
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