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  1. I notice that I have the same problem but with a slight difference. I usually have a few forwards for the same address. Each time a new policy is added to restrict forwards (such as the newer Yahoo restriction) all forwards get deleted, even those that are not restricted. For instance: email@tchdomain1.com forwards to something@yahoo.com also: email@tchdomain1.com forwards to mail@tchdomain2.com When Yahoo the yahoo policy was put in place BOTH of the forwards above were deleted. I understand deleting the Yahoo forward but both seems excessive and unfair. This has happened s
  2. Either way. What I mean is that I don't want the user to be able to see (view or edit) the FDF file. What I want the user to be able to see is a true PDF. The reason is that FDF (unlike PDF) can be opened and easily changed in any text editor.
  3. I'm stuck so I'm back again - I'm trying to find a way to dynamically create a PDF with form inputs filled out. There are a TON of ways to do this by creating a FDF file which fills in the PDF template. The trouble I'm having is that I don't want to pass the FDF file to the user, I want them to view a PDF file. I think my best bet to to find a way to do this by creating the FDF file (which I can do) than somehow flattening or merging the FDF with the original PDf to create a 'new' PDF file. The only way I found to do this is using a program called PDF Toolkit (PDFTK) which i
  4. Man, that was too easy. I feel dumb for asking and not looking myself. Thanks so much!
  5. Hello my fellow TCH-ians (I love to makeup words!). I just got yelled at from the TCH Datacenter for sending out too many emails per-hour. I have a list of 104 people that I need to send out newsletters for. These people are all volunteers at an attraction and manage and this is TOTALLY not spam. I really don't want to break any rules, but I still have work to do. Is there a way in PHPList to limit how quickly the emails are sent out? Basically, to automate PHPList to stay within the TCH rules and regulations? Any advice is most welcome.
  6. That'll work perfectly for me. I think I was over-complicating it and trying to keep in all in the same table - bad idea! Thanks for your help.
  7. Hello all you smart people . I'm not sure if this is the best forum topic for this, sorry. I'm having trouble coming up with the SQL logic for what I want to do on my site. My site is a collection of profiles/bios/pictures, etc.. I want to find a way to have my users add 'friends' (other profiles) to their page. All profiles have a unique INT ID so I'll speak of profiles by number. So, user #1 wants to add user 2, 3, and 4 as a 'friend'. How should I setup the SQL? The best (only) idea I can come up with is to: For profile #1 add a field called friends then insert 2 then
  8. Hotscripts is the best place for free PHP scripts. If you're looking for help setting this up, feel free to email me. (if that's against TCH forum rules, please remove)
  9. This is probably an easy one but I can't seem to figure this out. Trying to figure out a way for a www.domain.com/directory to use the 'directory' as a variable to lookup DB information? Think MySpace, the /directory would actually be an account username (or similar) that would be used as a variable to select the DB information. I think something needs to be done to the .htaccess but I can't figure this one out. I don't need to know all of the SQL commands or PHP, I just need to handle /directory as a variable. Last part. If possible, can I still use true directories such as www.
  10. My review - My Story: I've had my hosting through TCH for close to 9 months now. This is the forth hosting company and the third of which I held a reseller account. I've been from bad to worse to absolutely terrible before TCH. Reselling hosting has been a hobby of mine that I started years ago with hopes of making some extra $$. There was a time where I had eight decent accounts. However, with my last host, I lost all but 1. I've been reluctant to even try to get some more customers with all the bad experiences that I've had. When I say bad, I'm talking about downtimes from 1 hour to 5
  11. Hi Nayner, I've found this script recently that does a good job. http://www.gmtt.co.uk/details.php?file=11 However, this script basically creates a playlist so someone -Could- figure out how to download the music files. HTH
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