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  1. Here's my slice of workspace... Anyone have a working floppy drive for the disk in my pic? At least I know the data is secure...
  2. There is no need to delete the user. Just type in the username you currently have with the new password, hit 'add user', there ya go, password changed. Nothing else needs done.
  3. Hi Jack, I was looking for something to put a feedback form on my new site and this worked out great. Thumbs Up Thanks! I'm still working with my site and don't have much traffic so I had a bit of time to play and found one minor glitch. The check for a valid email only allows for a 2 or 3 character extension, I changed the {2,3} in lines 272 and 314 in mailit.php to {2,4} since there are 4 character extensions. They may not me commonly used yet, but I figured someday someone’s going to hit it. Thanks again, and if you get any time to look at my site, send me some feedback on what you think.
  4. I just bought two new domains and had them parked on my current site. Really simple Thumbs Up but I'm curious about email. When the DNS propagates and the sites start to work, will I have any email access thru the new domain names?
  5. This is my corner access to the World Wide Web! TCH Rocks
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