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  1. This is a cool little PHP application that I came accross while looking for webstats programs. Its called BBclone "A PHP based Web Counter on Steroids" It's easy to set up, and does not require any MySQL database. The demo is located here Demo located here Also, it's independent of Apache server logs. Lots of configurations you can even filter out your IP so you dont see hits that you have made on your site. Did I mention it was FREE! You just have to run PHP pages for this to work. Simply insert a little snippet of code in each of your pages. Just my little tip :-)
  2. Ok I am convinced! I will host all my MT blogs at TCH! I have updated to the latest version of MT (3.16) and I am using Spamlookup on all blogs. So I am sure everything will work smoothly! Hopefully the spammers will leave my sites alone LOL -chris
  3. Hello, my name is Chris I own three Movable Type blogs. Two photography blogs and one personal blog. I was having comment spam problems, but installed MT 3.16 and installed the plugin Spamlookup. So, now hopefully server load will not be very high on my sites. I was wondering, is TCH really good with helping Movable Type bloggers? I want to find a solid home for my sites. Both my photo sites are around 144mb in size, and I think that my one photoblog generates about 2GB of traffic per month. Of course, the 2GB was before I installed MT 3.16. I think the latest MT has anti-spam features i.e. No follow. My website My other photo website Thanks! Chris
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