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  1. Awesome! as you can tell I am a newby so your help is MUCH appreciated! Ok.... No that task is fixed. When I submit the information I get a THM page with the results. How do I make the opriginal page popup after submission?
  2. Also....Please go here to see an example of what I am getting now On my submissionform. What have I done wrong?My Webpage
  3. I am trying to set up a simple submission form: name and age to submit to an EMAIL address. when I hit Submit I get the following messagfe in my browser: Sorry I can't send to adelphia.net . Is adelphia.net on this server ? Any ideas?
  4. What servers type are we on or support? ASP PHP, Cold Fusion, JSP or all?? Anyone know this
  5. What servers tyoe are we on or support? ASP PHP, Cold Fusion, JSP?? Anyone know this
  6. My Webpage This is the site. (STILL IN THE WORKS) What I want to do is on the CONTEST page. have people enter Name, Age, Breed, and Location and be able to submit that information to me on our servers. (as you can see this is not a reel form, its just a placement) I would also like to add the functionality for them to upload a picture file and Either EMAIL me this information or send it to a server for me to collect. What is easier and what do you suggest also?
  7. I am new to this am waondering if someone can tell me how to install the Shopping Cart. IU have it installed, but how do I implement it onto my web site. All it gave me was a Log in. No HTML code or anything. Please help thanks!
  8. I have almost completed my online business but am unsure how to make a Shopping cart for people to order and pay for my products. I will have a about 10 items to sell. I will also want to except credit card. I looked at the Agora page but am unsure how to link them. I want my page to remain constant in design with my other pages. Is this possible when adding a shopping cart. Is this hard work? I do not even know what to ask to get this going. Help.. thank you in advance.
  9. I am also building a site and I want a shopping cart. How is this done. I veiwed the Agora site. Will I be able to use this in my site with the same look as my site? I know how to add the add the quantity and submit boxes but do not know how to connect them to work for anything. I will only have about 10 items to sell. really small I want to use Credit Card When you say Coding? I have no Idea how to do this. I know whoe to build general Web pages but have no Idea how to implement a shoppoing cart on to my design pages. Someone please help a frustrated person??
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