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  1. Fantastico has an "uninstall" option too?
  2. Hi folks. With the recent installation of Fantastico on hosting accounts, there are several help desk open source packages available. Out of this lot, what's the best? I don't have complex requirements. I host several of my friends' blogs and from time to time, someone will bug me about some WordPress issue, or an email problem, etc. Instead of using email and messenger, I thought I would consolidate it all in one place. What do you recommend? I tried OSTicket, but it was getting painful (it wouldn't send the text of the ticket by mail, and it just wouldn't let me stay logged in.)
  3. Bill, thanks for this upgrade. It will come in useful, I'm sure. Is there a mailing list to keep track of TCH announcements?
  4. David, I thought of that explanation too. What changed my mind were the following observations: 1) It shows a blank page almost immediately; about 2 seconds later. The timeout is 20 seconds by default. 2) It's not just the sites like weblogs.com; it's also individual blogs that react the same way. Again, the same 2 second blank screen. It's just weird.
  5. Hi folks. I'm having an issue with my MT blogs. After I save my entry, I get a completely blank page. Sure, the entry gets saved and published, but it doesn't return me to the admin screen like it should. On testing, I found that this problem goes away if you disable the pinging of sites like weblogs.com etc. This problem also happens when there are trackbacks to be sent to other blogs. So I'm guessing it's an issue with the XML-RPC module. The only way to make MT work "normally" is to disable pinging of other sites when your site is updated and also to not ping any other sites in
  6. Well, if you want to include the name of your category in your permalinks, that won't work. From http://codex.wordpress.org/Using_Permalinks "Note on using %category%: %category% does not work correctly with mod_rewrite in Apache versions prior to 2. If you are using Apache 1, do not use %category% in your permalink structure."
  7. Hi folks. Is TCH running Apache 2 yet? If not, any plans to move there soon? Some stuff on WordPress only works with Apache 2.
  8. It seems that it's a Eudora problem. I tried setting up an account in Outlook Express and sending the mail and it went through fine. So it's obviously not a problem with the server (which is a relief.) I've posted the question on Qualcomm's forums. Maybe those guys will have a better idea.
  9. follow-up: I turned on detailed logs in Eudora and here's a relevant portion from the logs: 1660 64:1.2 Rcvd: "220-server97.******.com ESMTP Exim 4.44 #1 Sun, 20 Mar 2005 01:26:34 -0500 \r\n" 1660 64:1.2 Rcvd: "220-We do not authorize the use of this system to transport unsolicited, \r\n" 1660 64:1.2 Rcvd: "220 and/or bulk e-mail.\r\n" 1660 32:1.2 Sent: "EHLO zeus.shiokfood.com\r\n" 1660 64:1.2 Rcvd: "250-server97.******.com Hello zeus.shiokfood.com []\r\n" 1660 64:1.2 Rcvd: "250-SIZE 52428800\r\n" 1660 64:1.2 Rcvd: "250-PIPELINING\r\n" 1660 64:1.2 Rcvd: "250-AUTH PL
  10. I've been using Eudora since 1994. Once in a while, this weird error happens. I send mail to a perfectly normal email address like someguy@yahoo.com, press send, Eudora connects to the mail server, tries to send the message, and then pukes with this error message: "Can't send to ". The server gives this reason: '550 email client.'. I've checked everything. I have authentication turned on. In fact, I never quit Eudora at all, and it was sending mail fine last night. I haven't changed any settings either. Anybody else know what could be the problem? Googling isn't helping bec
  11. Thanks, Bruce. I'll do that. I still think, however, that it shouldn't be on as a default setting
  12. Hi folks. I was setting up a site and I noticed that if you don't have an index file, it shows you the directory contents i.e, directory browsing is enabled by default, which presents a security risk. Why isn't this switched off as a default?
  13. Don, what breed of dog is that, if I may ask? (btw, I signed up for a reseller account.)
  14. Hehe, thanks a lot, guys. I feel very welcome here already. Is there a "social" section on this forum for customers to go hang out in a "virtual pub" setting?
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