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  1. Can these permissions be changed ?
  2. This is how one company allows changes to php.ini files - do you gys do the same ? RESOLUTION The servers use a master php.ini file for all directories without a php.ini file in it. You will have a copy of this file in your public_html directory, and you can make any changes to this file, and they will take precedence over the master file. You will need to copy this file into all subdirectories within your site which have php files that you would like to affect. You can also use this to have a different environment for different folders. So, if you want to run two scripts which have different requirements, you can put them in two different folders and then put different php.ini files in each of those folders. If you have any further questions about configuring the php.ini file, there extensive descriptions within the file itself, and you can also find more help at:
  3. I am writting a program that processes clients data. I want to be able to set up a new db for them with the program using CREATE DATABASE but am told that I can't do this ?? Apparanty I can use phpmyadmin and do it manually - this is odd because phpmyadmun is wrtten in php - and my program will just use the same commands that I wil write in the sql box of phpmyadmin ! Are yu sure that I can't do this ? Is there a way of working round it ? don't really want to do t manually because I want cients to have an automatic setup. Any ideas ?
  4. Are there often problems with paypal payment ? I was also going to use that to pay.
  5. Hi, I am in UK at present but moving to Turkey. I am not (nor ever have bben an American citizen). The services that I want to eventually sel will be aimed at clients in the UK and Turkey. Payment will come to my via paypal. I am looking for a reliable host - does it matter where it is hosted ? If I host with yourselves or any other US company - do I have anything to do with the US tax system ? Thanks for any advice.
  6. Hi again - thanks for your answers - one thing surprises me. You say I have access to phpmyadmin but my programs can not create a db ? phpadmin is written in php and my program just does the same thing that I would do in the SQL box in phpmyadmin. are you sure I can not do it automatically ? Is there some way of doing this maybe later on if not straight away ? My programs set up an area for accounting information for clients and I want each one to be held in a seperate db. I want to give imeediate access so I don't want to have to set them up manually. Any ideas ?
  7. Hello, I have a few questions before signing up 1) I am interested on starting up with a basic package and upgrading as necassary - is that possible ? 2) How much do .com domains cost ? 3) How many sub-domains are allowed ? And what is the format ? eg something.**** ? 4) Are the domains fully registered in my name as owner ie whois will show me I can change the contact info myself. ? 5) My PHP programs create temporary sql databases like this : $connection = mysql_connect($host,$user,$password) or die ("Couldn't connect to server."); $sql = "CREATE DATABASE `temp2`"; $result = mysql_query($sql) or die("could not execute Create TEMP2"); and then creates tables and finally DROPS the db Do my user permissions allow my to do this on the server ? 6) Another PHP program sends me email when certain things happen using the $mailsend command e.g. $mailsend=mail("habbardo@yahoo.com","$subj","$emess","$ehead"); Do your servers send email in this way ? 7) Can I send SMS messages to mobile phones ? Is there a charge for this ? E-commerce. 1) I want to receive payments using Paypal - any problem with this ? 2) What other options do you offer ? MIRVA ? what cost ? 3) Some data is confidential and I want to use an SSL directory. What is the cost of setting this up with a certificate ? Which certificate do you use ? Does the padlock sign appear on a users browser ? What are the space and traffic limitation on using SSL directory ? 4) is my ip address static ? 5) Do you offer a shared SSL - to start up with ? PHP and Access 1) Can I use htaccess files to change the config when needed. Is PHP safemode enabled or disabled ? 2) Do I get access to phpmyadmin ? 3) Do I use FTP or SCP/SFTP upload files ?
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