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  1. It's supposed to show the TotalChoice rating, but works off referral page. If your browser isn't sending referrer information, that would be one reason you only get the home page. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I'm using Internet Explorer 6.0; I know of no reason it would not be sending "referrer information". Can you elaborate on that?
  2. I am trying to understand how websites earn the privilege of displaying the Hosting Assured Trust Mark and how anyone can obtain info from Hosting Assured about the sites displaying the Hosting Assured Trust Mark. This is a general question; I have no agenda here concerning TotalChoice Hosting. I haven't seen the Hosting Assured Trust Mark before - or if I did, I did not explore it - and I'm trying to understand the process and how significant it is. Someone mentioned BBB as an analogy. But, if I call the BBB, I can inquire about a specific company and obtain info from them if they have any info on file regarding that company. I don't see any way of inquiring about specific hosting services from Hosting Assured. Also, at Rating A Hosting Assured Host, they say But, the link to Hosting Assured from TotalChoice Hosting merely goes to Hosting Assured's home page.
  3. So, there's no screening or selection process involved in order for you to place that image/link on your site, right? And since the Hosting Assured site does not even provide a list of sites displaying their link, it seems rather meaningless; this clearly indicates any site can place the link to Hosting Assured on their site.
  4. On page for your basic plan, I saw a link to Hosting Assured company; it implies you were recognized as a 2005 Hosting Assured company. Yet, I found no mention of you there. What's the story on this?
  5. matman, thanks for that additional info. And, thanks to the moderators for all the welcomes.
  6. thanks, matman. That's exactly what my co-webmaster wanted to know, and for the same reason. He wants to know if he could make updates to the site basically from any computer with an Internet connection. Now, I can tell him unequivocally that it can be done. It's a small site. The 12-file at a time limitation Don mentioned in post #5 is not a problem.
  7. Why is this called Family Forum? What does it have to do with families?
  8. Thanks for the quick response. If I understand you correctly, web pages can be uploaded without having ftp software installed on the client's computer via a browser window or the the control panel's filemanager. Is that correct?
  9. I assist another person in maintaining a church's music department web site. We are looking at changing hosting services. Although I would use ftp to upload pages, he would like to have the capability to use either ftp or http. Can that be done with TotalChoice hosting?
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