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  1. going on 4 years. Somehow I'm having some pretty big issues with my site these past few days. Its ran great for over 2 years till now. Anyway it went down again and Ellis Hadley took caer of me. Your staff over there are always there to help. They down blame me or say its not there job. You guys are great! Thanks once again! Curt
  2. After I thought I had lost a few months of threads and posts on my forum Scott Abrams took care of it! I can't say thank you enough! I appreciatte the hard work you put in on getting everything back for me.
  3. Anyone know the steps I need to take? Or maybe a easy to use website? I want to copyright my Website name.
  4. Looking to customize my phpbb 2.0.11 board. Looking to add things like member pics to there profile and a few other things. Anyway we can talk more if anyone is interested, please only reply if you do this sort of work for a living or have a complete understanding of this type of board (because I do not lol). Thanks, Curt ps. It will be roughly 2 weeks before we are ready to start. Here's what we have so far www.crewillogic.com
  5. Thats what I needed something simple. I'll give it a try tomorrow.
  6. Were in my cpanel would I delete a invision board? I have 2 that was created inder the same name and I think its messing with my cookies. I created one today and my buddy created one last night I wasnt aware of.
  7. Thanks! Worked like a charm Did I mention Im a noob
  8. When I type in my addy www.crewillogic.com the index page comes up. How do I get it to go straight to the forum and not the index page?
  9. I can't see anything for crewillogic.com. Please can you either reopen the ticket - or PM with the ref number, and we'll chase it up from there. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I never recieved anything back after submitting the ticket for the name change. I will re-submit a new ticket though. Or we may just buy a new plan and start building the board with the newer version of invision. That way we can still use the old board while working on the new one. Let me know what I need to submit for the latter.
  10. Wouldnt that also restore the board settings?
  11. It's a invision board. He wasnt refering to the admins here. It was one of our admins. The board works fine for me. But we have 4 admins and after I had everything working there were several changes made after mine. So it may be easier to just reset the board and have fewer admins.
  12. Is there a way to reset the board to factory defaults? Someone was changing things that shouldnt have been and now I cant figure out what he did.
  13. I feel like a idiot now Thanks for all the help. I think we got her figured out.
  14. When we reply to a post and hit enter we get a blank white page and thats it. This just started a couple hours ago.
  15. I dont have the file you mention in the file manager. In one of my above posts I list the ones in the file manager. Also when I click on one of the folders they do not open with more icons. I just get a option in the upper right hand corner that reads... Delete this folder and all files under it Rename this folder Change Permissions Move this folder Copy this folder If I new how to reach the folder I know how to change the permission. I cant find it in my file manager.
  16. This is what I got http://verticaloutlawz.com/invisionboard/h...ons/biggrin.gif Any suggestions what folder in the cpanel would be a good place to start?
  17. I know how to change the permission but I dont know were the emoticon folder is.
  18. These are the only files I have in the file manager .gnupg 700 .htpasswds 755 .neomail 700 .trash 700 etc 755 mail 750 public_ftp 755 public_html 750 tmp 700 www 750 Create New File .addon-installlog 0 k 644 .addonscgi-InvisionBoard 0 k 600 .contactemail 0 k 600 .cpanel-ducache 3 k 600 .lastlogin
  19. Well I can go into the disk usage and find 2 folders with the name emoticon in them. But I cant change the permission from there. Other then that I'm totally lost. public_html/invisionboard/html/emoticons public_html/invisionboard/html/emoticons
  20. The closest thing I could find was in the file manager folder wich read / (Current Folder) Create New Folder Upload file(s) .gnupg 700 .htpasswds 755 .neomail 700 .trash 700 etc 755 mail 750 public_ftp 755 public_html 750 tmp 700 www 750 Create New File .addon-installlog 0 k 644 .addonscgi-InvisionBoard 0 k 600 .contactemail 0 k 600 .cpanel-ducache 3 k 600 .lastlogin 0 k 600 Is it one of these because there was no emoticon folder that I could find?
  21. I tried finding out were to do that without bugging you guys again, but I cant find were the folder is.
  22. Sorry I thought I posted in the right forum. I'll give it a try.
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