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  1. Well thank you very much, I'm not sure I ever would have figured that one out on my own. I just sent a form to myself and it works great. Thanks again, Bill
  2. Hello, Hoping one of you can help me with this page: http://www.bhfhorses.com/contact_PHP.htm The error I get is: Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/bhfhors/public_html/process_form.php:1) in /home/bhfhors/public_html/process_form.php on line 39 The page that is called to perform the email of the results contains: ><?php /* INSTRUCTIONS ************** * 1) Change the 'emailTo' variable (below) from "you@****** (Your Name)" to your own email and your own name * 2) Change the 'emailFrom' variable (below) from "******" to your own domain (no www required) * 3) a) Change the 'redirect' variable (below) from "www.******" to your own domain. * Make sure you have a "thank_you.htm" in the root folder of your website * 4) Make sure that each of your for elements on the page that submits to this script are named * ike the following: <input type=text name="INFO__User_Name"> * NOTE: You cannot have spaces in the name of the for element. * ie: GOOD element name "INFO__User_Name" * BAD element name "INFO__User Name" * 5) Set the "action" of the form to "process_form.php" in the form page that submits to this script * Example: <form method='post' action='process_form.php'> * 6) Submit form to make sure all required information gets emailed to you. If not, then go through steps 4 and 5 again. */ // CONFIGURATION SETTINGS $emailTo = "webmaster@bhfhorses.com (Breezy Hill Farm)"; $emailFrom = "noreply@bhrhorses.com (Breezy Hill Farm Form Results)"; $subject = "Web Form Results"; $redirectURL = "http://www.bhfhorses.com/contact_confirmation.htm"; // PLACE ALL FIELDS PASSED IN FROM FORM INTO MESSAGE BODY foreach ($_POST as $key => $value) { $keyInfo = explode("__", $key); if ($keyInfo[0] == "INFO") { $message .= $keyInfo[1].":\n ".$value."\n\n"; } } // SEND EMAIL mail($emailTo, $subject, $message, "From: ".$emailFrom); // REDIRECT TO SPECIFIED THANK YOU PAGE header("Location: $redirectURL"); ?> Any ideas out there? Thanks in advance, Bill Suarez
  3. Thanks Tom, I'll check that out.
  4. Mornin' all. I'm working on a project for the Holliston Business Association and I'd like to create a simple directory of the local business'es that can be search by keyword, name, etc. Does anyone know of an existing application I can install/modify? I'm looking at the Open Realty application in Fantastico and that may work for me but thought I'd "ask the masses" if they have a better suggestion. Thanks, Bill Suarez
  5. wsuarez


    Be careful with what you choose for password "characters". I had a similiar problem when I first setup Agora and tracked it down to using an "@" in my password string that it couldn't handle.
  6. First let me say thanks to Carl for his help over the past two days getting to the bottom of this problem. I've run Mailman lists on TCH for years now, it's a great tool, with relatively few issues. However earlier this week I noticed that a post sent to my moderated list (suarez-humor@my-tch-domain) wasn't getting delivered to me (the moderator) for approval. I opened a ticket as there have been a couple of times in the past when Mailman gacked and had to be restarted - that didn't make any difference so Tom opted to push the ticket to Carl. Carl and I went back and forth on various things. He attempted to send to the list from Yahoo and saw the mail come in and then just disappeart - never being processed by Mailman. I tried sending a post from the webmail portal and that DID go through. Well it turns out the Spamassasin was flagging the posts as spam and trashing them. I'm assuming there must have been an update to spamassisin's (geez, that's tough to type) pattern or engine somewhere around 4/2 where in now thinks mailman "forwards" are spam. I had to going into spamassisin and whitelist my own domain to ensure the forwarded messages got through properly. This is definately a new requirement as I've never had to do that in the past. So for anyone that uses spamassasin and mailman (or even just spamassasin) you should probably whitelist your own domain as I've noticed it will trap a message that has no "text" (say you email an image to yourself inline in an HTML formatted message). Thanks again Carl! Bill Suarez
  7. Thanks, this is what I've been doing as well but it's still clumsy. I've been able to set this before when I had access to the Server Extensions themselves, I guess that's just not an option w/ the TCH setup. Appreciate the response.
  8. Good morning all. The Support Desk suggested I try posting this question here to see if y'all might have any advice. I have, via other hosting providers, been able to set the "from" address that is used to generate emailed forms results by modifying a setting in the FrontPage server extensions. I do not seem to have that ability in the cPanel on TCH. The Support Desk indicates that all emailed form data comes from: nobody@<servername>.tchmachines.com and that there is no way to set the "from" on a per "domain" basis. Any advice, confirmation? Thanks, Bill Suarez www.bayleys-camping.com
  9. I've been using LinkedIN for a while now and have found it to be a good tool for connecting with old work assocaites, etc. The Outlook toolbar is very handy for "grabbing" names/addresses out of messages and creating contacts from them as well.
  10. Rundi, I use the Mailman program, included w/ my TCH hosting packages, to satisfy my mailing list needs. Easy to setup and manage. Allows you to give subscribers as much control as you need/want to and includes a handy archiving ability as well. You should see it listed in your cpanel as "mailing lists" in the email section. Good luck. Bill
  11. Good point David, I can do that if necessary. It would be nice if there was an admin level "send password" capability. Thanks, Bill
  12. OK - fair enough. So how do those subsribers manage their accounts? Can I (as admin) set a password or force a "reset" to send them one? Are there doc's online for this app. that I just haven't found yet? Thanks, Bill
  13. Curious - I had bulk added my own address and did not recieve that message. I will poll others that I subsribed in that fashion. Thanks, Bill
  14. I have bulk subsribed a group of users to my humor list when I ported over from my last ISP. What password is assigned to these bulk subsribed users? It's not <null> as far as I can tell. Thanks, Bill
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