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  1. I've skinned my weblog and I use PHP to skin my error page. (http://leftofwest.org/404.php) BUT, when I tried to use the Control Panel to create a 404 with a PHP extension, nothing happened. THEN, I tried to write my own .htaccess file and got a 500 error, completely blocking me out of my site. I used the same code I have with other hosts - ErrorDocument 404 http://leftofwest.org/404.php - in the .htaccess file so I'm not sure what's up. Since CP insists on using .shtml (YUK!), am I going to have to create a .shtml page that then pulls in my PHP?
  2. I had it set to FROM which EQUALS (aol addy) - which didn't work I changed it to FROM which MATCHES REG EX (aol addy) - which now gives me the message "Filtering set up at least one significant delivery or other action. No other deliveries will occur." So I think I figured it out by myself... but thanks so much for the quick response!
  3. I need to block an AOL user from sending me email. I see in the cpanel a "block" option, but when I test the filter, I get the message that the filter failed. What am I doing wrong? I have it set to filter all mail with the header from which equals this idiot's AOL account. Any suggestions?
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