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  1. Hi everyone, I need to be able to have some sort of version control on my website for a group project we are doing inclass. Does anyone have any experience doing this and can suggest a best method? I went to this site but I am not too familiar with the entire process and the installation seems complicated and I am not sure whether it is for local use or web base. http://www.cvshome.org/ Any help is appreicated. Trieu
  2. Ok, welcome to my work station. I know seem like overkill and messy. But my wife is an computer engineering student and I a computer science student getting our MS degrees. It wouldn't be right having to share one computer when you are engineering students. The two desktop (monitor) shown I built and the compaq laptop is hers. Though I have another laptop of the same brand and make. We use the laptop when we go to starbucks and write our codes. Can't stand staying at home and code all day. Thanks for letting me share
  3. Thanks, I see the options for the web protect features now. I guess there is a different between clicking on the folders virsus the text links itself. I just had to get used to the navigation system. I like the idea of editing the .htaccess file. Is there a definitive source on this topic. I fould a few on the internet but what does everyone else like? -m
  4. Hi all, I am new, this is my first post. I wanted to turned off the directory browsing, after reading this I put a file index.php on my root folder and it stoped showing the directory. However, I made a folder called 'images' and wanted to turn the directory browsing off here also. I went into the index manager of cpanel to see if there are options to turn it of or not. To my dismay, I found none. All I saw was the folder icons to the left, and nothing else. I tried clicking on it, but no options to turn it off. Also, the web protect feature on the cpanel is the same thing. The pages only shows the folder to the left but no options to password protect the folders. Are these an enhanced features I had to buy??? -m
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