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  1. New Windows Dedicated Servers!

    Sounds great. I was just hunting for a dedicated Windows server and am very happy with the 5+ sites I already have at TCH. Are these managed so I don't have to worry about patches, etc.? Thanks, Tom --
  2. Oscommerce Install

    Dear GroovyFish, Thanks for your help. I've now discovered the one-click osCommerce in Cpanel and it's been great. I didn't know it was lurking there in the scripts library. Thanks for all your quick help, Tom --
  3. Oscommerce Install

    I will check all these again, but I have done them before with WordPress and it all went well. Where is the Config file located and I can check it. thanks a lot for your help! Tom --
  4. Oscommerce Install

    I'm using the oscommmerce Web-based install. I created the dbase in cpanel's mySQL interface and added the dbase user. It looks like oscommerce adds the host itself. Any thing else? Thanks, Tom --
  5. Oscommerce Install

    Hi Guys thanks for your quick feedback. I didn't really expect it so I didn't check back till now I'm trying to get the store up and running today so here's where I am still at: The info I'm using is: host: store.ozline.com user: storeoz_store dbase: storeoz_storedb and I still get this message: Access denied for user: 'storeoz_store@server91.totalchoicehosting.com' (Using password: YES) I'll plug away at it today if anyone's online. Thanks again. It's nice to be supported! Tom --
  6. Oscommerce Install

    Hi, I am having a similar problem with deined access to the database when installing oscommerce. I have carefully checked the username and password and dbase name (even deleted and re-set-up mysql dbase and user twice to no avail). The message I get is: Access denied for user: 'storeoz_store@server91.totalchoicehosting.com' (Using password: YES) Any help would be appreciated, thanks, Tom --