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  1. I gotta agree with dapozo on this one TCH When you click on the "Mail" icon in your control center you get various options on the Mail Manager Main Menu... Web Mail Email Domain Forwarding Manage/Add/Remove Accounts Default Address Auto-responders E-mail Filtering Forwarders Mailing Lists SpamAssassin BoxTrapper Spam Trap Trace an E-mail Address Modify Mail Exchanger (MX Entry) The fact that these items ("Mailing Lists" and "SpamAssassin") are in the Mail Manager Main Menu implies a level of compatability and configuration. You've got S
  2. Thanks guys. I'm really getting there now. I have made the filtering changes and have gone into Horde and verified the spam is getting diverted to the Spam folder, and the messages in that folder now have "*****SPAM***** in their subject lines Is the "blacklist" and "whitelist" stuff in Horde tied into SpamAssassin? That is, if I find something in the Spam folder that should not be spam, do I just select it and click "whitelist?" Or, is there some other way I need to tell SpamAssassin that it's legit. In short, how do I teach it where it needs teaching? As an aside, I went to the Sp
  3. Ah ha!! That bit of information helps Andy! Now the instructions actually make sense! (and doesn't this point out that the help page needs a little work?) I have followed the instructions to the letter, except that I have input "Spam" instead of "Discard." I assume this will direct all such email to my Spam folder instead, correct?
  4. Bruce, thanks. I saw that page. And it *appears* it is *not* talking about SpamAssassin configuration settings. Rather, it is talking about *Horde webmail* settings and getting it working with SpamAssassin. But nowhere on the page does it explicitly say that. So, this help page needs some editing. Now, let's assume my SpamAssassin settings are correct (which you have not verified one way or the other yet). I therefore assume the section that applies to setting it up in Horde is "Automatically discard spam email." So, I go to Horde and try to follow those instructions. First line *shou
  5. Can someone give me a screen shot of their "SpamAssassin Configuration" screen in cPanel? I have been looking through the forums and doing google searches and I have yet to find a good article on how I should setup SpamAssassin. The "Required score" is already set to "5" I filled in the "rewrite_subject_header" with "*****SPAM*****" (no quotes) But I have no idea what to put in the "blacklist_from" area, the "score" area or the "whitelist_from" area. I went to the SpamAssassin site and tried the configuration generator tool (http://www.yrex.com/spam/spamconfig.php). But it
  6. Exactly my point Mark. It begs the question of how we protect these types of mailing lists - from both Spam and virus attacks. In the case of Spam, it seems it is possible to use SpamAssassin with Mailman (see my prior link). And in the case of virus protection, I understand there is a program called CLAMAV (see http://www.tummy.com/Software/mailman-clamav) that can be integrated with Mailman. I would be willing to slog through the configuration integration tasks in both cases, if that were possible, but since it is not then I have to wonder how I can install these types of protections shor
  7. I have activiated a couple of Mailman mailing lists on our website via the control panel (Mail > Mailing Lists). I have also activated SpamAssassin. But I am unsure of how I can integrate these two programs. I want to be able to use SpamAssassin to intercept spam sent to our mailing lists. There is an article online on how this can be done. See... http://www.jamesh.id.au/articles/mailman-spamassassin/ But the procedures outlined in the article appear to be out of the scope of what I can do through our website control panel. In fact, I have looked copiously via FileZilla at our webs
  8. To address Andy's question...I want to back them up automatically on a regular basis. But since there is a chance I could be over-writing good with bad (my site was recently hacked), the best thing would probably be to back them up incrementally - that is, not just overwrite yesterday's backup but give each a new backup name (include the current date in the filename?). To address Bruce's question...as mentioned above, on or about December 23 my site was hacked . I found spurious links in my pages and even an embedded virus on one of them. And it looks like they accomplished this because I
  9. Is there a way to use Cron to backup files (not a db) that are created by my Movable Type program? I have a number of my MT templates "linked to file" in a subdirectory of my site that I use to store them as backups. But there are some templates where I've specified the "link to file" to a different location that's in the root of my weblog site (I use these as sidebar includes). How can I create a Cron job to copy these template files in their current location to my templates backup directory with the others? I tried this as the "Command to run" line... >cp /home/<name&g
  10. Thanks much. That looks really helpful where I really need to list an email address on a page. And I have some sites where this *will* come in handy I've done a little more research and found a couple of helpful ideas in this article at the HealYourChurchWebsite.com. I have installed Jim Seymour's Simle Contact Form (SCForm) at my site. I invite you to give it a try. Let me know if you see any security holes. Thanks!
  11. To get away from the spam email I was receiving as a result of listing my email address on my website(s), I have been using a contact form produced by Christopher Heng at TheSiteWizard.com. Recently, I was spammed by somebody who found a way to use the form. TCH seems to be monitoring such events quite closely, and the way I found out about the attack was by visiting my site and finding my account had been suspended. This was in spite of the fact that I was the only recipient of the spam and my account had been suspended after only 15 messages. While this seems a bit over-reactionary it is com
  12. I was using BoxTrapper with good results for some time Recently, I decided to try Spam Assassan. But tonight I found my account (dave.englund.name) suspened due to spam I am still waiting for a reply to my help issue to find out the specifics - if it was related to an attack on a contact form I use on my site or my email that was supposedly being protected by Spam Assassan. Frankly, I don't think I like Spam Assassan. And as soon as my account gets unlocked I'm going back to BoxTrapper where NOBODY gets through unless I LET them through. The dirty dogs!
  13. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Humm...it sounds like your saying I'd have to use a strict TCH URL that is made up of (1)the server my account is assigned to, (2)the "totalchoicehosting.com" domain name, and (3)my username, as opposed to a URL that consists of my domain name. Is that correct?
  14. I'd like to explore using the SSL feature that is part of my hosting package with TCH. According to your online SSL Help, if I understand correctly: a. I need to have someone "turn on" (enable) the SSL feature for my account. b. I then decide how to incorporate the SSL refers (https) into my site structure. Got a few questions... 1. Are there any "hidden" charges I might run into using the SSL package that comes with my TCH account? 2. Once it's "enabled" for my domain name, then I can choose to use it or not. Correct? It's not going to mess up my site if I *don't* use it (if I
  15. Dudes, I have been looking around on your forums lately for various tidbits of info I need to help me on my website(s). And I like do a search and find a bunch of related posts. But when I click on any of them to read the post, they like don't load and I eventaully get an error page. Strange thing is, if I do a search via Google with the same search criteria, I'll find a hit for one of the same posts on TotalChoiceHosting forums, and I can like read it by going through Google. For example... http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/forums/l...php/t17609.html So, is this a problem i
  16. Okay, got it Was hoping to enjoy the ease of cPanel, but will pursue the manual install.
  17. I want to install PHP-Nuke to my site's root (http://rightreadingroom.com). But when I try to use the installer in cPanel it makes me input a subfolder name (e.g., http://rightreadingroom.com/PHP-Nuke). I read the comments on another post ("How can I make Php-Nuke my main site?" and by the way, I had to read this via google, the actual post link in your forum did not work). And I tried using both a "\" and "/" but in each case cPanel returned errors: Invalid url (\).. please try agin Error: /home/hcxxfscu/public_html// already exists I don't want to use a "redirect" because the
  18. OOPS! Never mind. I had the "$site" variable wrong. Put in my whole URL instead of just "yoursite.com". Once I corrected that, all is well.
  19. I followed the instructions on TotalChoiceHosting's Help Site for giving access to AWstats to your users without having to go through cPanel (or thought I did). When I open a browser and go to our stats directory (http://www.kingdom-warriors.com/stats/) I get the logon dialog as expected. After entering the username and password I edited in config.php, the dialog closes (no errors returned) and I get a blank white web page. Nothing. Nadda. Nunca. Marco-Po-No Anybody know what I did wrong?
  20. Well, you guys found your way back to this topic, and have been getting me energized by the various suggestions and links. Thanks!
  21. You like the offset look? Well, Tim, there's no accounting for differences in taste I guess... Well, I noticed the top one was missing. Thought I wasn't seeing it because of the muliple tabs I had opened in Firefox. Never got around to checking in a full single window. Strange. A new browser bug I'll have to tame If anyone comes up with an answer please drop me a line.
  22. I do design and site maintenance for a non-profit site (Kingdom Warriors). Our site uses a java script menu system (an old version of HM). I couldn't figure out how to code the menu position *within* a table row on the page, so I used the position attributes within the jave script array (HM_Arrays.js) file: 150, // menu_width 10, // left_position 82.5, // top_position This seems to be working fine with Internet Explorer. But when you view the same pages in Mozilla Firefox the menu is out of place (
  23. Thanks all for your replies, and the nice welcome. So, it would appear then that I can use a make-believe (virtual) address... as in "<some virtual name>@****" and forward it to a real address... as in "<real address name>@****" through the forwarding feature in cPanel. I also appreciate the suggestion about directing form output to multiple addresses, as this could save having to build lots and lots of forwarding rules. I use a contact form on my site designed by thesitewizard and I'll look into how to do multiple output directs. Thanks again!
  24. Is there a way to setup "virtual email addresses" through cPanel? I am webmaster for a domain hosted by TCH, and I need to setup a number of virtual addresses to protect private email accounts. For example, mail sent to "info@<****>" will go to my personal email account ("name@****"). Also, the virtual address may forward to several personal email addresses - there are several people who want to receive the mail sent to "info@****." Can you accomplish this through the mail Fowarder feature in cPanel? If not, what other route do I take to accomplish this?
  25. With respect to the BoxTrapper discussion... I found it in my cPanel and turned it on. It is a bit tedious to setup, but it provides a valuable function for my personal domain name email account. I have several email accounts (as most of us do these days): -My primary email through my ISP (Earthlink), which has a webmail SPAM blocking feature and Outlook Express plugin. -My freebie accounts (GMail, etc.), most of these now have some kind of SPAM blocking built-in. -My domain name email through TCH, which does not have a webmail SPAM utility Since our webmail clients throug
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